Format Error - Barcelona

From The Bay to BCN

2 Jan 2018

Filmed by Bob Randel, Jackson Ratima, and John McGowan / Edited by Bob Randel

We are always excited to bring you videos from the NorCal BMX scene and this time it's an introduction to Format Error, a new project from Bob Randel, the creator of the Percept DVD. No official word on what's in store next, but we'll be eagerly awaiting whatever is to come. In the meantime enjoy this collection of footage from Barcelona featuring Matt Nietschke, Nick Tansley, Bob Randel, Wes Rhoe, Mauro Valencia, and John McGowan.

If you haven't already, be sure to check out our Percept DVD With Bob Randel interview and grab yourself a copy for only $10 too! 


13 Nov 2015