Madera BMX - Mike Stahl - Welcome to Pro

Stepping it up...

12 May 2020

Filmed by Grant Castelluzzo, edited by Mike Hinkens.

After scoring the opener section in their new full-length video, Mr. Mike Stahl gets the bump up to Madera Pro:

"We are proud to welcome Mike Stahl to the Madera Pro team. Over the three years we spent making the full-length Madera ABD video, Mike busted ass more than anyone on the team and that earned him a spot on the Madera Pro Team. These clips are leftovers that didn't make the cut for his 7 minute master class in all things BMX. Make sure to get a hold of Madera ABD on disc at the link below in order to see what really earned him his pro spot!"

You can pick up a copy of "ABD" HERE.