Mark Mulville end of summer Pittsburgh 2020 - Profile

Rippin' and roastin' in Pittsburgh...

9 Nov 2020

Filmed and edited by Bobby Valentine.

Late this summer, Mr. Mark Mulville took a trip up to one of his favorite cities, Pittsburgh and proceeded to get down with some classic moves at some awesome spots, like Hazelwood trails:

"Due to Covid, I didn’t think I’d be able to make my one or two yearly visits to Pittsburgh this year. However, I braved the flight and made the trip happen for an end of summer adventure.

The long weekend visit was mainly spent in the woods with the gang, but we also made a few pit stops at a couple of the surrounding parks for a few chill sessions. From the weather, the crew, the jumps, the parks and everything else, the trip was a solid success!

To top it off, Bobby Valentine and myself managed to put together a fun Profile Racing edit featuring some of the good times from the weekend.

I wanna give a huge shoutout & thanks to crew in the woods, as well as all my Pittsburgh pals, The Valentines and Profile Racing for making those few days some of the best I’ve had all year."

-Mark Mulville.