Hucker spends a day at the Oakley jumps in Orange County

3 Jan 2018

Video by Ryan Fudger

Mike "Hucker" Clark and Ryan Fudger teamed up to produce a video from a session at the Oakley jumps that deviated from the traditional filming style we see day in and day out.  I can't say that I personally love the GoPro rigged to a bike visuals all that much, but it's always great to see people experimenting and trying out new ideas.  Well done all around though!

"Hucker and I have been talking about doing a video like this for almost a year. Just something raw and simple (in theory) where we film the stuff he does nearly everyday, but show it from a unique perspective...almost as if you were viewing the trick as his pedal or front wheel. Actually figuring out how to mount the GoPro sturdy enough to survive was a bit more difficult than we expected, but Hucker was absolutely down to get it all done with a smile. So, I hope you enjoy." - Ryan Fudger

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