Orange Juice x Vans - Roy van Kempen in Japan Documentary

Behind the scenes of Street Series in Nagoya and a whole lot more

23 Dec 2015

Filmed and edited by Tom Lammerse

Orange Juice in collaboration with Vans present a really well done documentary by Tom Lammerse following WAOJ's Roy van Kempen on his stay in Japan this past July.  Have a watch and enjoy shots of the busy Tokyo streets, glimpses of Japanese nightlife, the Nagoya stop of the Street Series, the struggle to film in hot and humid summer weather.  Check back for the riding video next Monday!

"This little BMX bike brings us to so many crazy places around the world. Last Summer Tom Lammerse and I went on a 10-day trip to Japan to attend the Monster Energy Street Series BMX contest and to film for an Orange Juice exclusive documentary in collaboration with Vans. Today we are proud to release the documentary part of the video.  

This documentary will give you an inside look in what happens behind the video that everybody normally gets to see.

The riding video will drop on Monday December 28th.  Thanks to Eiji Okuda, Hiroshi Uehara and all the other locals who helped us out!" - Orange Juice