Steven Hamilton - Gardenhead

Hamilton doing what Hamilton does

10 Aug 2017

Video by Empire

Fresh Steven Hamilton footage will always be a welcomed sight here at DIG.  Curved wallrides, nosemanuals, skate tricks from the Ohio legend.

'"Steven takes you on a journey through time and space, relentlessly driving his unmatched spot awareness and trickability through your gray matter like the trillion trillions of neutrinos passing unimpeded across the barren expanse of our solar system, detached from the choking constrictions of irrational emotional attachments and immune from the distractions and limitations forced upon us by a moral code rooted in the fear and uncertainty of ancient civilizations who gazed upon the sky thousands of years ago, moved to make sense of the void, unwilling or unable to look inward upon the truth: that we are beings of stardust, empowered by the very thing that simultaneously subjugates us and sets us free, a physical body ingeniously encoded with spiritual profundity" - Empire

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