Sturdy Wrists: Brandon Perez

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24 Mar 2016

Filmed by a lot of people Edited by Anthony Villani

Brandon Perez must be hell-bent on discovering the limits of what force and abuse the human body can sustain on a bike. This New Jersey native's penchant for riding what’s above him instead of the more orthodox what’s in front of him has further assisted in his study. The roof wildness, the big moves, the crashes, it's pretty intense. Sit back, get comfortable and watch his DIG Sturdy Wrists show; it's a good one.

P.S. Yes, we know the song has been used before about two decades ago, but it just fits well.    

Injury/setback list: 

• Separated shoulder
• Two dislocated toes
• Dislocated pinky finger
• Cracked collar bone
• Two stress fractures in right foot
• Bulging disc in lower back
• Multiple cases of whiplash
• Broken big toe (twice)
• Kidney surgery (not BMX related)
• Multiple concussions 

“I set out with a goal to make an edit that I gave 100% to and I did exactly that. It’s been one hell of a ride but i’m stoked to have had the opportunity to put this much effort and dedication into what I love. I really hope this edit inspires some people to go out and shred!” - Brandon Perez

Special thanks: Clifton Bike Shop & Legend Bikes USA

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