Swampfest Carnage with GT BMX

Mad Mike Guff throws down one of the best moves of the weekend!

3 May 2019

Filmed and edited by Ryan Chadwick

GT went all out for Swampfest this year taking their whole team down to Astatula. Looked like they all had a blast and Mad Mike killed it a number of times in this!

"It's the one BMX event of the year that cannot be missed. The world's longest hand built rail…over a swamp, a ridiculous double loop of death, the finest handcrafted plywood features and ramps plus maximum bonfire carnage can only mean it's Florideah Swamp Fest.

GT BMX Freestyle team riders Albert Mercado, Brian Kachinsky, Dan Conway, Leandro Moriera, and Team Manager Ben Ward made their way down to Florida to pit themselves against the crazy. We tossed in Tristen Cooper and Mad Mike Guth for their first official team trip and sprinkled on our newest recruit, 16-year-old Brazilian phenom Gustavo Balaloka. Jeff Purdy and Jeff with Glasses even wandered in from the swamp to lend a hand to the chaos.
Did they survive? Let's put it this way, they will never be the same...
" - GT BMX

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