'Trickstory' Ep.1: The Icepick

A Brand New Series Delving Deep Into Trick History

18 Nov 2018

A DIG Production | Edited by Peter Adam

The answer to the question; “Who actually invented that trick?”, has always been of interest to ourselves and fellow like-minded bike riders for as long as we can remember

For this new DIG series #trickstory we decided to search for the origins of some classic tricks, and then focus on their evolution on street throughout the years.

To start with we put the icepick under the microscope. This one first took shape back in 1989 with Mat Hoffman (who else?) first pulling one on vert. Mini-ramp tech overlord Rick Moliterno may have doing them around the same time but the lesser known Rich Hansen is rumoured to have beaten both of them to it. The first recorded  icepick on street that we could find is of ex etnies team manager John Povah in the 1990 video ‘The Ultimate Weekend’, who pulled one along with Keith Treanor.

Throughout this episode we then continue to take you through the key moments of that icepick progression on street, combined with a selection of some of the best that we’ve seen.

We’ve done our research on this one but in no way can we claim that this a definitive history. If you’ve got evidence to the contrary relating to the origins of the trick, or the timing of those key progressive moments, then please share. We’re always keen to keep learning. Thanks to everyone who has contributed along the way. Enjoy!

CORRECTION: X-up ice @ 1:31 is actually Edwin Delarosa

CORRECTION: The Skapegoat Clips at 1.37 are from 'Animal - Can I Eat'