John "Luc-E" Englebert 'Chasing The View Off The Cliff' 1994

Flashback Friday with Luc-E

16 Mar 2017

Video by Tony Marion

A Luc-E section that predates his classics in 'Domination', 'Standard Country', and 'Neighborhood Superheroes' by a few years.  There aren't any sliders or freecoaster tech in this one, but Luc-E does spin a 7, huck a flip at the trails, and kick a signature Luc-E flip or crankflip as they are called these days.  Last week we shared Jay Miron's section from 'Chasing The View Off The Cliff', a lesser known full length from 1994 produced by Tony Marion and now we've got this  If you'd like to know more about this video check out Snakebite's article about the history of 'Chasing The View Off The Cliff'.