Knowing Johnny

Age is a state of mind

19 Oct 2016

Johnny Raekes By Kevin Conners Y7 U4455

This out-ledge has been floating around for a little bit now and was one of the first spots we rode while Johhny was in town. Luckily he was able to dodge traffic and deal with the busy corner it was on to get this x-up grind to kick flip.

Words and photos By Kevin Conners

The first time Johnny Raekes caught my eyes was on social media through his absurd level of riding and style he was putting out. That’s often a tough one to judge some one on, as almost every up and comer is putting out crazy shit from there local park on social media, not to mention it’s the true person and their attitude behind the tricks that really matters. I’ve seen numerous riders ruin every chance they had purely based on attitude alone so I was looking forward to seeing just what Johnny was all about other than the ridiculous bike control, kick flips and dreads.

Fast forward a few months and Johnny made his way to San Diego to kick it with the Fiend crew to see just how well we all jived together. At first, I have to admit, he made me feel old. Here I am at 34 shooting photos and sharing a smoke with a 17 year old. As a wise man once said “age is a state of mind” and he certainly proved that. At first he came off a bit shy and almost timid in a way. To a point at first was often hard to tell what he might want to ride or if he was even hungry or not. But that we were sure to break with time and I’m sure it was a bit weird for him for him at first to be driving around in a 34 year old's car all day riding spots.

Johnny Raekes By Kevin Conners Y7 U0760

One of those San Diego spots that is just too fun to ride so missing out isn't an option. Johnny bringing some new love to it with this 180 kickflip.

After just a couple days of riding some spots his personality started to show through and he started speaking up. I quickly realized Johhny is far from your typical 17 year old that’s barely been riding for five years. Luckily when his personality did come out it just added to all his riding and the social media onslaught of tricks that arguably had the BMX community talking. After riding with him I was quick to realize that he rides that hard every day, constantly pushing himself even when he's not filming.

Johnny Raekes By Kevin Conners Y7 U0650

Man (boy) of the moment.

Johnny Raekes By Kevin Conners Y7 U1062

Johhny and Tony Ennis celebrating another lengthy line.

Johnny Raekes By Kevin Conners Y7 U8739

On one of the last nights in town while looking at a few different spots we decided to light this one up and give it a ride not knowing just what anyone may want to do on it. Johnny quickly started it off with this quick smith nose, 180 bar to fakie nollie kickflip. Now say that three times quickly.

One of the first things that caught my mind was when talking to him about riding, he had a deep education about what was done and who had done what before him. Maybe that’s where the somewhat “throwback” tricks like the one handed X-up came from. He also shocked me with just how easy going he is with everything. He seems to just go with the flow of things, speaking just enough to share a few opinions or give input when thinking of the next type of spot to ride but never speaking out or acting as you’d expect most kids his age would. Instead having more respect and manners than myself.

"I spent just a little over a week with Johnny it was hugely refreshing for me to see a kid his age have such a good attitude and the knowledge to back up his style on the bike."

Johnny Raekes By Kevin Conners Y7 U4386

Johnny quickly laced this predator grind to 180 bar on this classic SD spot.

I spent just a little over a week with Johnny it was hugely refreshing for me to see a kid his age have such a good attitude and the knowledge to back up his style on the bike. By the end of his time in SD I was bummed he was headed back up north for school. Luckily I know there will be more good times, shooting and having fun in the future as he definitely solidified his spot within the crew. - KC

Johnny Raekes By Kevin Conners Y7 U7386

This triple set is far from small. tThe overall length and the not so perfect uphill run up make this one a lot harder to ride than it looks. I had written off the chance of ever shooting a one-handed x-up again a long time ago but luckily for me, Johnny is a fan of the classics.

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