"all photos shot on Ilford HP5 and pushed for good measure"

17 Oct 2017

Digbmx Cinema Onefromtheroad 38

Words and photos by Kevin Conners

Lets face it as much as I love my digital camera and the endless search to capture the crispest photo of the biggest tricks. There is just something it will always lack, and to me that’s the feeling and atmosphere of shooting film that I just never will get out of lugging around a box full of electronics that cost way to much. Not to mention the harsh reality of knowing in 10-20 years those digital images might not even be readable or might be lost in some sort of cloud. So when I headed out to Pittsburgh I made the decision to shoot this trip how I wanted to. And for me that was shooting all the BTS and fun on my old SLR I learned how to shoot on, with 5 rolls of HP5 in bag I was excited for this trip more then any other trip.

Now lets not act like I didn’t shoot all the 'real' tricks on my digital camera after all that perfect crispness does still lend to some amazing action shots, but for those you’ll have to wait. As Cinema has decided to work on more of a loose mix tape sort of edit in the near future including the entire team. But for now here is “One For The Road” all photos shot on ildford HP5 and pushed for good measure, some maybe out of focus or have hairs on them but hey truth is I personally don’t even mind it’s the feeling that matters and the vibe film provides. Something I personally have always missed from shooting and looking through photos after trips.

As I got into Pittsburgh and headed to meet up with the crew over at Doyle's house we quickly where turned down from staying with him. Maybe it was my and Nathans long hair or maybe his family ended up coming to town last minute, either way I’m going with Chris Doyle kicked us out.  Leading us to head off to hotels. Luckily waking up the first morning to Will just laughing saying ummmmm... we are going on Kris Bennett's boat. Personally I was stoked but worried; here I am in Pittsburgh for just three days expected to shoot and come back with some sort of content. But after a couple quick warm up drinks (Thanks Kris). All cares were long since gone and we had one of the best days I have ever had on a trip. From watching Will crash his drone into a tower, wakeboarding, and cliff jumping. I must say a huge thanks goes out to Bennett for treating us to a fun day.

The next day was quickly back to BMX mode after Nathan battled a clip and the storm kicked in we headed off to search for the next days spots. I must say despite its roughness and toughness Pittsburgh did not dissapoint, and the one full day of sun we had was more productive then ever. Making even a short three day trip more then worth it, with film in hand and some of the best times and memories in my head it was back to San Diego for hours of developing and scanning.

Look for a full article on Cinema's upcoming project in the near future including all the crispy images of Nathan and Corey laying it down in Pittsburgh.

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22 May 2017