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"Whenever I put a new bike together I kind of just like to ride it in as it is..."

9 Feb 2016

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Interview and photos by Kevin Conners

We were on the road recently through California with Aaron Ross as he bagged some more clips for the upcoming and highly anticipated etnies 'Chapters' DVD. While he was taking a breather we sat down with Aaron to find out more about his current bike setup, his addiction to fluorescent colors, riding new bikes brakeless and pegless, his distaste for front hub guards and way more.

Aaron Ross Bmx  Kc  W9 A0070
Aaron Ross Bmx  Kc  W9 A3981
Aaron Ross Bmx  Kc  W9 A3986

Frame: Sunday MotoRoss 20.75” TT

Fork: Sunday Octave 32mm offset

Bars: Odyssey Boss Bars 9.125” Rise

Stem: Odyssey Boss Stem

Grips: Odyssey Boss Grips

Headset: Odyssey

Seat: Odyssey Anniversary Retro Tripod

Seat Post: Odyssey Tripod

Cranks: Odyssey Thunderbolt 175mm

Sprocket: Odyssey Retro 28T

Pedals: Odyssey Grandstand

Chain: Odyssey Key Chain

Bottom Bracket: Odyssey

Front wheel: Odyssey Antigram laced to Odyssey Hazard Lite

Rear Wheel: Odyssey Clutch Coaster Laced to Odyssey Hazard Lite

Tires: Odyssey Ross 2 Tires 20 x 2.40

Rear Hub Guard: Sunday PC

Pegs: Sunday PC

Brakes: Springfield Brake Kit

Kicks: My signature etnies Marana colorway

Aaron Ross Bmx  Kc  W9 A3873
Aaron Ross Bmx  Kc  W9 A3891
Aaron Ross Bmx  Kc  W9 A3880
Aaron Ross Bmx  Kc  W9 A3890

Sunday MotoRoss Frame Specs

Aaron Ross Bmx  Kc  W9 A3960

Top Tube Lengths: 20.75” & 21”

Head Tube Angle: 75 Degrees

Seat Tube Angle: 71 Degrees

Chain Stay Length: 13.25” Slammed

Bottom Bracket Height: 11.5”

Stand Over: 8.8”

Tire Clearance: 2.4”

Weight: 5 LBS

Colors: Black Magic, Raw, Trans gold, and Fluorescent Red

Aaron Ross Bmx  Kc  W9 A3920
Aaron Ross Bmx  Kc  W9 A3932

You always seem to have the wildest of colored bikes, is this just another way of you putting fun into everything you do, or a decisive plan to have more kids on bright bikes haha? 

Haha honestly I've never really thought about it too much… I like bright fluorescent exciting colored things and one way to do something a little different in BMX was to bring back some bright fluorescent color. I guess I always loved all the 80s and 90s racing uniforms and old school bikes so this is my way of throwing back to that stuff. I think the first time someone ever asked me what color I wanted my signature frame to be I kind a looked at it as an opportunity to do something a little bit different and not just go with the standard color across the industry and I picked fluorescent yellow and I loved it and it just kind of stuck as something I was stoked on.. But growing up I had a painted my bikes all kinds of different wild colors so it just kind a has always been my thing. 

When we went to shoot this you mentioned when you first build up a new bike you always ride it brakeless for a little bit prior, what is you’re thoughts behind this?  Will we ever see the day you go full brakeless?

Whenever I put a new bike together I kind of just like to ride it in as it is, brakeless, pegless and pump the tires to 100 to stretch them out, just kind of break in the new bike...  It's super fun to ride brakeless but I just love riding brakes so much that it would be hard for me to let them go. I enjoy it it's fun to cruise makes it exciting but I enjoyed the way I ride and brakes work for that. Maybe it's also just I like to do my thing and not follow what's going on. 

You have had numerous different signature frames with Sunday over the years, what sets this new MotorRoss apart from some of the previous frames?

It's kind of just a classic clean no gussets frame. Super clean simple! Kinda my style. 

Seems like you run you’re bikes pretty much straight out of the box, do you do any special modifications to any of your parts at all?

The only thing I guess I could say that I do is cut this fork tube and try and stretch my grips out so they go to the bend. Are used to do all kinds a custom stuff but I've been lucky enough to get so many different things your parts through Sunday in Odyssey that the parts come the way that I want them to be so I don't have to do a ton of work to them. 

Any special meaning behind the frames name?

No nothing super special. I love retro motorcross and retro BMX stuff and everyone in the office and I were throwing around a bunch of ideas and someone came up with MotoRoss and it kind of stood out. I loved it. Good play on words. The word worked good with the old school artwork look. 

Aaron Ross Bmx  Kc  W9 A4025

I noticed you run no front hub guards, which admittedly is not the standard these days, any reasoning behind that?

I don't do a whole bunch of grinds especially on the front of the bike...  A lot of times that I'm grinding something I'm trying to slow it down a little to do this or that out of the grind so it's never that never been that big of a deal... I love rear hub guards tho... 

When it comes time to designing signature parts how involved are you?

I'm pretty involved… But I'm pretty simple so if Chris (Sunday/Odyssey/Fairdale designer) has a good idea or something he'll talk to me about it and then we'll go from there. But I've always been pretty involved on the way it looks and the way it's painted and the stickers on it. Which I'm sure everyone knows or understands about me. I care about that a lot more. 

I know you race a bit for fun, is this same bike you take to the track?

Nope, nope... I ride a real race bike. I ride a 2016 StayStrong For Life frame. Local super pro and good friend Tanner Sebesta hooked me up with it. I'm pretty stoked on it. Haven't been able to get out to the much lately because of traveling but I will be getting ready for the Austin Texas national soon enough. Pretty excited to race a big race again. 

Every rider has that one part they just love on there bike, if you had to pick with one you’d never change what would it be?

It's hard to pick one... but I'm into tires. I like them to look like they can handle anything. It's nice to look down at something you can trust I guess you could say. 

You have had numerous signature parts over the years, what would say is your favorite?

Hmm I guess I would go with all the keyboard stuff was pretty cool. It was a good idea and it was completely functional. 

Anything you'd like to add?

Thanks DIG and Kevin for asking to do this bike check. Honored and thank you!

Aaron Ross Bmx  Kc  W9 A3897
Aaron Ross Bmx  Kc  W9 A4010

Aaron Ross is supported by official DIG partners: Odyssey | etnies

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