Setups: Artur Meister

And his KINK Williams frame

23 Nov 2020

Artur Meister Bike Check 12

Bike photos by @David Schaller / Riding Pictures by @Sven Avemaria / Traffic Distribution

Fresh off riding for the Kunstform team in the Vans 'The Circle' contest, amongst other projects, Artur Meister has had a busy year despite the general shit show 2020 has dealt us all. We caught up with him to see how's he's been and get a better look at his Kink setup.

Frame: Kink Williams 21"

Fork: Kink Stoic 20mm

Handlebars: Kink Rex 9,5"

Stem: Kink Highrise Topload

Grips: Kink Samurai

Headset: Kink Integrated II

Cranks: Kink Brace 160mm

Pedals: Kink Hemlock

Seat: Kink Splendor Pivotal

Seat Post: Kink Pivotal

Bottom Bracket: Kink Mid BB 22mm

Sprocket: Kink Eastman 25t

Chain: Shadow Interlock Supreme

Pegs: BSD Rude Tube XL 4,5"

Tires: Wethepeople Creature Prototype (Felix Prangenberg Signature) 2,4"

Front Wheel: Eclat Cortex hub, Gsport Ribcage rim

Rear Wheel: Eclat Seismic hub (Shadow Symbol hub now), Gsport Ribcage rim

Footwear: Vans Slip ons are definitely my favorites.

Artur Meister Bike Check 10

How would you describe your personal bike setup?

Clean, quick and responsive

Which parts of your bikes are extra picky about?

I don't like too much tire pressure and I haaaate fucked up pedals, nobody needs these unnecessary shinners haha.

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Artur Meister Bike Check 2
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What parts do you ride the longest?

KINK cranks are definitely indestructible, rode my first pair for two years and they were still running! Just wanted to try some shorter ones.

Any special mods or things you do when building up a new setup?

I cut my bars to 27,5" and mark my pedals on the top side.

Artur Meister Bike Check 8
Artur Meister Bike Check 14

How have the Covid restrictions affected your riding this year?

Not too much to be honest... went to BCN for the dub jam in February before everything started. Rode a lot of street with my boys at home, visited the homies in Stuttgart and Cologne a couple times, filmed a part for Freedombmx's bangers 2020 video contest and was lucky enough to get involved in the Vans 'The Circle' contest -- shout out Kunstform bmx shop!

What’s next?

I had a lot of spare time this year and worked on a new project called Laterr. You can get a sneak peak of the first pieces in my current instagram clips and I'm really hyped on it. I'm still working on a couple details, but I would appreciate a follow @laterr_threads. Promo video very soonish. More information laterr..

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