SETUPS: Josh Dove's FLY BIKES Sierra

"I only like to ride my bikes for a year then build a new one up all at once."

23 Feb 2022

Fly Dovey Wide 88 A8696

Photos by Justin Bumpstead | FLY BIKES are Official DIG Partners

Take a closer look at young Aussie style overlord Dovey's Fly Bikes Sierra setup and find out why lock down for him was actually a blessing in disguise.

Fly Dovey 88 A8171

How would you describe your personal bike setup?

I have my bike setup so I am able to ride bowl and park without favouring either one.

Which parts of your bikes are extra picky about?

Fresh pedals, tyres and grips. That just freshen’s my bike up to feel new all the time.

What parts do you ride the longest?

I only like to ride my bikes for a year then build a new one up all at once.

What do you choose the FLY Sierra frame?

Suits me perfectly, really close to what I would do if I was to ever get a signature frame.

Any special mods or things you do when building up a new setup?

I only cut my steer tube on my forks to lower my stem a bit.

How have the Covid restrictions affected your riding over the past couple of years?

I’ve actually benefited from it as just before covid was a massive year for me and really got put in the spotlight. It allowed me to really push and better myself without having the pressure of the worlds eyes on me as much I guess! It was also really good that Jason Watts was stuck here and lives close by to me so we got to ride and hang out heaps.

What have you got planned for this year riding wise? What’s next?

By the sounds of it I’m going to be able to get over to Spain to finally meet the Fly bikes crew. I’ve been riding for fly for over 2 years now and have just been hanging to get over there! Also sounds like I’m heading to America sometime this year to hang out with the Fast and Loose dudes.


Fly Dovey 88 A9892
Fly Dovey 88 A9903
Fly Dovey 88 A9906
Fly Dovey 88 A9897
Fly Dovey 88 A9920
Fly Dovey 88 A9909
Fly Dovey 88 A9915

Frame: Fly Sierra 21” / 13.6” (Sergio Layos signature)

Handlebars: Fly Sierra 9” (Sergio Layos signature)

Fork: Fly Volcano 28 Offset (Prototype)

Grips: Fly Ruben 2, custom cut (Ruben Alcantara signature)

Barends: Fly Volcano

Stem: Fly Volcano 25

Headset: Fly Volcano 15

Cranks: Fly Dolmen 170mm / 22mm

Bottom Bracket: Fly Rotar Mid BB

Sprocket: Fly Tractor TT 29T

Chain: Fly Tractor

Pedals: Fly Ruben Graphite (Ruben Alcantara signature)

Seat: Fly Sierra 2 Tripod (Sergio Layos signature)

Seat Post: Fly Tripod

Tires: Fly Ruben 2.35” Front & Rear (Ruben Alcantara signature)

Front Wheel: Fly Magneto front hub (Cr-Mo Axle / ex bolts) + Fly Spokes + Fly Lunar rim

Rear Wheel: Fly Magneto Cassette hub 9T (Cr-Mo Axle / ex bolts) + Fly Spokes + Fly Lunar rim

Fly Dovey 88 A9935
Fly Dovey 88 A9970
Fly Dovey 88 A9999
Fly Dovey 88 A9987
Fly Dovey 88 A8570 3
Fly Dovey 88 A8629 2
Fly Dovey I8 A1069
Fly Dovey 88 A8696

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