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8 Jan 2016

Ten Things You Didn't Know About Nearly 4K

One of our favourite new videos this year!

Photos by Fred Murray

Alex Donnachie's Nearly DVD series is now in it's fourth incarnation and unsurprisingly the new video '4K' is firstly unbelievably good and secondly definitely not HD, let alone 4K. We've been there during a bunch of the filming trips so we decided we should rundown ten facts that you probably didn't know about the whole process of Nearly 4K coming to fruition. Once you're done make sure you order the DVD - you'll be kicking yourself if you don't get one.

1. Well over 100 tapes were used and seven countries were visited during the filming of Nearly 4K.

2. Alex is definitely not the most technologically up-to-date person. He still captures the footage on a computer that is over 12 years old (with multiple external hard drives), and his newly acquired second hand £150 laptop takes care of the editing process.

3. Gambling runs deep in the veins of the Nearly filming trips with hundreds of pounds exchanging hands just in Majorca alone.

4. A filming trip to Newcastle, England was underway and the plan was to stay at Jamieson Carne's house as his mum was away and the house was free. This was all a great idea until Jamieson realised his mum didn't trust him on his own and locked him out of the house and made everyone camp down at the trails! Classic.

5. During a trip to Barcelona Greg Layden and Jordan Gosling were filming a hang 5 down Las Ramblas when the police showed up, jumped out of their car going to grab both of them. However Greg and Jordan are a slippery pair of customers and managed to evade the Five-O with a quick dash down a side street. Meanwhile Jason Phelan, Joe Bailey and Isaac Lesser were cruising down Las Ramblas clueless as to what just happened, and then bumped into the confused police who then proceeded to confiscate their bikes and would only release them for a €200 fine. Joe Bailey was so pissed off he decided to leave his bike at the police station and fly home without it!

6. Alex's VXs have some ghostly technical issues and at least one of them would stop working at some point on every trip. Switch it on, switch it off, give it a lil' shake and you're good again.

7. Cain Martin is well known for his quirky stylings and thinking. While in Amsterdam, Cain lost his wallet so ventured towards the bank to try and convince them to give him some money. He returned to the apartment some time later with no money and casually declared that his bike had been stolen, sat down and went on his laptop like nothing was wrong. Only Cain.

8. Liam Zingbergs still doesn't have any clips in the Nearly series due his unwavering addiction to watching rap videos, and also sheer laziness. 

9. During the first year of Nearly zero shots (or shooters if you're Alex) were consumed. During the last year this rose to three thousand.

10. There will be a secret bonus video being released at some point featuring Jason's late night 420 cherry popping shenanigans. Believe us when we say, it's not pretty.

Twin  Vx

These two have been through a lot and despite the odd unexplainable meltdown they stay loyal to Alex's Nearly series of videos. The things they've seen...

David  Grant  Magaluf Smith

If you've never heard of Magaluf, then lucky you. A town on the island of Majorca, catering to the fast-boozing, loose copulating, UK/German/Scandinavian market of brain dead 18-25 year olds. Luckily we were there on off season and didn't have to encounter the hoards of WKD embracing zombies, but once David Grant slid this huge smith a local Spaniard didn't seem too pleased, probably mistaking us for the aforementioned.

David  Grant Run Up

DBG locked on.

David  Grant Sign Majorca

If you only knew what was going on in that brain...

Kriss  Kyle Rail Hop Manual 180

Straight off the airport bus we found this spot and built the bikes up on the beach. Kriss got his trip started off the right way with this railhop to manny 180.

Kriss  Kyle Nose Bonk 180 Halfcab

Kriss is always so casual about this kind of stuff, you could say it's his bread and butter. Either way he nailed it first go with a quick laugh and then onto the next.

Alex  Donnachie 360 Drop Smith

Is it just me or does this make no sense at all?! Dropping into a smith from that height is no joke but three'ing into it? Maybe it was all that gambling adrenaline coursing through his veins?

David  Grant Creep

Don't ever turn your back on this creep.

Alex  D  Isaac  Lesser Filming Line

Alex Donnachie in his true element, both on his bike and VX in hand.

Jason  Phelan Bike In Sea

Who knows how many times Jason Phelan ended up in the sea during the filming of Nearly 4K, but it was definitely more than your average person would in their lifetime. The police were NOT stoked.

Jason  Phelan Bars Gap

Jelan spinning the bars before heading back to the local casino to spin some roulette wheels.

Isaac  Lesser Bars

The drop off the side of this ledge/bank thing was no joke and it made me kinda nervous taking the photo. Luckily Isaac can do that shit in his sleep.

Kriss  Kyle Curved Wall To Barrel Roll

There's not a lot of people out there who would even consider thinking about this... Kriss Kyle with his signature curved wall barrel roll out of an awkward double walla setup. Unbelievable.

Nearly Crew Sunset

Our last day in Majorca was so fun - here's the crew preparing to watch the sun go down with a few beers.

Kriss  Kyle Cheesin

Chucky chessin' for the camera.

Jason And  Alex Roulette

A daily occurrence in Majorca...

Ooops Party Bar

A typical Magaluf rail backdrop.

Jason  Phelan Toboggan Gap

The chillest school i've ever been to. The teachers even gave Jason an A+ for his toboggan assignment.

Alex  Donnachie Over Smith Noz

Over smith straight into a drop down noz across the street. A typically insane Donnachie clip.

Isaac  Lesser Wallride Gap

Isaac Lesser taking the sign a bit too literally and wallriding up and over the wall.

Kriss  Kyle Sundial Wallride 180

After a bit of eyeing up Kriss decided this was on and sneaked in a clean one before the local police asked us to leave.

Kriss Eyeing Up Curved Wall

Another angle on the curved sundial.

Jason  Phelan Over Pegs

Jason Phelan over pegs to drop before dropping some 420 rolls.

Jason  Phelan Ledge Ride Firecracker

Classic Jason - death drop ledge ride to firecracker.

Jason  Phelan Gap To Drop
David  Grant Curved Rail

DBG sliding round a curved rail in a ghost town-esque Magaluf.

Alex On  Vx

The Nearly captain in his element.

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