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12 Apr 2015

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By David Leep

Our latest Soundtrack hails from what is (somehow) Terrible One's only DVD to date. From what I can recall, Joe Rich was able to get clearance for all the tracks—which is pretty mega (most people don't give a toss about that, but I do—it's a matter of courtesy and respect). Also, it's quite an art to get cleared music that doesn't sound like utter cat shit.

You Get What You Get wasn't your typical Sound Track for a BMX DVD… but then Terrible One really isn't your typical BMX company. The Sound Track has a good eclectic mix of cosmic-post rock (and I cringe when using that shite term for really good music… although not as bad a 'doom pop'), local Austin bands, heaps of other good stuff and even Taj Mihelich up in there and not forgetting the epic Glaswegian face melters, Mogwai. This also introduced me to New Zealand's Jakob who have become one of my favorite bands. I now listen to them on a quite regular basis (like every day) and the track is a belter.

If this Soundtrack didn't make you want to get out and travel, like the video did with me, then you're probably driving around the suburbs in your Mom's SUV, taking mad rips off your vape pen and listening to Gucci Mane.

Anyway, enough of me whacking about music. If you read this far it's time to hit play and crank it up.


T1 - You get What You Get Soundtrack

Crank It up!

Track Listing (Artist/Track):

Mogwai: Stereodee

Hobble: Boxes

D.R.I.: Do The Dream

Taj & Brian: 4-4 Drone

Dino From Hawaii: Uke At A Cookout

Jawbreaker: Boxcar

Mono: Sabbath

Jakob: The Collar Sets Well

Blonde Redhead: 4 Damaged Lemons

Radio Birdman: Hand Of Law

The Redneck Manifesto: Make Yourself Comfortable

Mogwai: Christmas Steps

Taj, Jeff & Bryan: It's Not Too Often That A Chest Of Drawers Is Likened To A Commode

Holy Ghost Revival: Flowers Of Evil

The Crack Pipes: Super 8 Motel