In Photos - S&M Bikes 30 Year Party!

A day to celebrate 3 decades of BMX history!

12 Jun 2017

Photos and words by: Wes McGrath

There is always something to be appreciated in a job well done and we strive within ourselves to take our daily tasks and turn them into a drive towards the dreams we have in life. The world presents us with an endless array of options and forks in the road to find our way to 'success'... Well, in this case you can take three decades of determination, friends, family, fun and BMX and roll it all into a bike company named S&M Bikes. A chunk of the BMX community took this past weekend to honor and recognize the 30th year of operation for Chris Moeller and S&M. Having started this company at age 16, in 1987, Chris has built and established a thriving entity that helps to create a lifestyle, around a global culture of creativity, and the thirst to be an individual amongst this ever-evolving BMX world.

There was definitely no shortage of BMX, hot dogs, beer, laughs, dust and antics to fill up one Saturday out in Riverside, California at the Milestone MX track. The jumps were built and the stage was set for a celebration suited for some of our culture's rowdiest participants, and it all went down in the name of S&M. Cheers!

S&M BIKES are Official DIG partners.