New signature bars for Mr. Raiford...

2 Sep 2020

Courtesy of Odyssey.

Always a treat seeing new Broc footage; here's a promo for his new Odyssey bars:

"Broc Raiford's signature BROC bars are available now! Check for them at your favorite BMX shop, or visit Built around the popular Odyssey Lumberjack XXL bar shape, Broc's bars have a narrower "pre-cut" 29" width and slightly less backsweep at 10 degrees. Perfectly dialed in for Broc's riding.

Available in Rust Proof Black or Chrome.

FEATURES - 41-Thermal Heat Treated. Lifetime Warranty - 1.8/1.3mm thick, multi-butted main tubing - Butted, traditional 7/8″ crossbar for strength - Large radius bends for greater durability - Post-weld heat-treated. SPECS - 9.8″ Rise - 29″ Width - 10° Backsweep - 2° Upsweep"