Format Error - Turf Talk

12 minutes of Bay Area fire from Bob Randel and the crew

21 Mar 2018

Filmed and edited by Bob Randel / Additional filming by Jackson Ratima, John McGowan, Albert Troyer, Gabe Ambris, Andy Maguire, and Alex Smith

DIG Is proud to present 12 minutes of Bay Area fire courtesy of Bob Randel and the Format Error squad.  Thanks to a soundtrack by Oakland's DJ Fresh and the spliced in bits of found footage Turf Talk achieves that unique style that's synonymous with the Bay. Really feeling this one!

Features: Bubbie Gowin, Ben Santos, Julio, Gabe Ambris, Joesph 100, Max Miller, Elijah Trujillo, D Block, Jackson Ratima, Andy Maguire, Joe Molina, Jake Kessler, Wes Rhoe, Albert Troyer, Jase Knack, Ben Guin, Alex Smith, John McGowan and Bob Randel

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13 Nov 2015