Kink - 2019 Bike Collection Videos Trailer

A peek at the Kink's 2019 lineup of completes

21 Jun 2018

Filmed and edited by Darryl Tocco

Here we have a peek at Kink's full lineup of 2019 completes, designed to suit the needs of all riders. Looking forward to seeing the individual promo videos for each bike when they drop, this trailer has certainly whet our appetite for what's to come!

"Year in and year out, we do everything we can to improve our bikes through invaluable feedback from our customers, dealers, and distributors. The 2019 Kink BMX Bike Collection is no exception as we strive to create a line that is for beginners, veteran riders, and everyone in between. And as always, we couldn’t be more proud to continue to share our 2019 Bike Collection, with high quality videos that highlight each and every model we offer. Stay tuned as we continue doing our part to make something better." - Kink