LUX Aeterna DVD - Denby Chandler

The Final Section

2 Apr 2020

Filmed and edited by Mike Vockenson

Closing things out for the LUX Aeterna DVD in a big way is none other than Denby Chandler, relatively new to the Australian scene but damn is he turned heads with this one. BEAST MODE INITIATED.

"Not afraid to “see what happens” Denby's approach to riding can be terrifying at times to onlookers and passes by. The power and willingness to give something a try have well and truly been displayed in the final section of LUXBMX’s Aeterna DVD. Coming down the range from Toowoomba several years ago Denby got to work quickly showing Brisbane that he was here to stay. Turning any spot into his next victim Denby was able to finish an apprenticeship while going out and crunching his body every weekend. The man-child handles big setups with a sense of power that only Denby can create." - LUX BMX

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