The Space Brace Promo

Featuring Mike Gray, Dennis Enarson, and Ryan Nyquist

17 Mar 2017

Filmed and edited by Doeby Huynh / Additional filming by Christian Rigal and Mike Last

Space Brace is a newly launched venture from Mike Gray, with Dennis Enarson and Ryan Nyquist also providing their endorsement on the effectiveness the ankle brace.  We all know the pain of a rolled ankle, and with these three saying the Space Brace holds up, it's certainly a product to consider wearing when nursing an injury.

 "Space Brace is everything you need in an ankle support. It gives you the freedom to push your limits further then you ever have before and is designed to fit comfortably on your foot. It also fits easily inside most shoes, hockey skates, snowboard boots, work boots - pretty much any footwear.
When the impacts add up, the Space Brace will help you stay on your game. Our sleek design keeps it from looking bulky, yet still protects the ankle from bruising like a pad. It's almost impossible to roll your ankles while wearing a Space Brace." - Space Brace

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