Final Results & All you need to know - Vans BMX Pro Cup Huntington Beach 2018

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2 Aug 2018

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The second Pro Stop of the 2018 Vans BMX Pro Cup is in full swing this weekend in Huntington Beach, California.

Here's a look at who, and what will, and has, be going down over the weekend. Stay tuned here on DIG and to the DIG Instagram for regular updates along with all the  videos, and look for our behind the scenes "IN THE CUT' video right after the event too.



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Vans BMX Pro Cup Series - Huntington Beach Finals Highlights

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1. Dennis Enarson

2. Alex Hiam

3. Larry Edgar

4. Kevin Peraza

5. Boyd Hilder

6. Sergio Layos

7. Kris Fox

8. Chase Hawk

9. Gary Young

10. Matty Cranmer

11. Pat Casey

12. Rim Nakamura

13. Corey Walsh

14. Jason Watts

15. Matt Cordova

16. Paul Thoelen

17. Maxime Charveron

18. Corey Bohan

19. Parker Heath

20. Chris James

HIGH AIR – Larry Edgar (actually maxed out the 15-foot height pole)

BEST TRICK – Larry Edgar with a giant 360-to-fakie in the deep bowl

VANS BEST LINE – Alex Hiam with an alley-oop 270 pocket air out of spine 


1. Nikita Ducarroz

2. Macarena Perez

3. Teresa Azcoaga

4. Hannah Roberts

5. Minato Oike

6. Perris Benegas

7. Ellie Chew

8. Angie Marino

9. Nina Buitrago

10. Nikki Wetzel

11.Jesse Gregory

12. Emma Finnegan

13. Analia Zacarias

14. Jamie McHenry

15. Dani Windhausen

BEST TRICK – Nikita Ducarroz with a stylish 540 on the big quarter pipe

VANS BEST LINE – Nina Buitrago with a grind out of spine, then transfer to grind into spine

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2018 Vans BMX Pro Cup Huntington Beach - Semi-Finals Highlights

One minute of HB heat... - More Info

Vans BMX Pro Cup Tour Semi-Final Results (top 10 in Sunday's final):

1. Kevin Peraza

2. Kris Fox

3. Matt Cordova

4. Rim Nakamura

5. Chase Hawk

6. Boyd Hilder

7. Paul Thoelen

8. Maxime Charveron

9. Corey Bohan

10. Parker Heath

11. Kevin Kalkoff

12. Cody Pollard

13. Ton van den Bogaard

14. Brandon Loupos

15. Cauan Madona

16. Jamie Cooper-Ellis

17. Trey Jones

18. Ronnie Napolitan

19. Tom Dugan

20. Caio Sousa

21. Sem Kok

"The Vans BMX Pro Cup Series returns to Surf City USA on August 3 & 5, gathering the world’s best professional men and women BMX riders for the highly-anticipated second stop of the 2018 Pro Tour. After taking gold at the first Pro Tour stop in Sydney, reigning 2017 Vans BMX Pro Cup World Champion Larry Edgar will defend his title against top contenders such as 2017 Huntington Beach event winner Dennis Enarson, podium veteran Sergio Layos, and Australia’s rising star Alex Hiam. The Vans BMX Pro Cup series field will also be challenged by recent Woodward East regional qualifier podium winners Clint ReynoldsAlex Leibrock and Rim Nakamura who have all earned their place on the series’ Pro Tour roster.

The second stop of the 2018 Vans Pro Cup Tour  in Huntington Beach will play host to the series' elite women BMX riders, including 2017 Vans BMX Pro Cup World Champion Hannah Roberts, BMX legend Nina Buitrago, and Woodward East regional qualifier winner Charlotte Worthington."
Vans BMX Pro Cup Series 2018 Tour Pros:
Larry Edgar               USA
Dennis Enarson        USA
Sergio Layos             ESP
Gary Young              USA
Matt Cordova             USA
Kevin Peraza            USA
Jason Watts              AUS
Corey Walsh             CAN
Pat Casey                 USA
Chase Hawk             USA
Douglas Oliveira       BRA
Parker Heath            USA
Kevin Kalkoff             FRA
Cody Pollard             AUS
Alex Hiam                 AUS
Chris James              AUS
Matty Cranmer          USA
Boyd Hilder               AUS
Clint Reynolds          USA
Alex Leibrock             USA
Rim Nakamura         JPN
Vans BMX Pro Cup Huntington Beach Qualifiers & Invitees:
Kris Fox                     USA
Corey Bohan             AUS
Cauan Madona          BRA
Paul Thoelen             DEU
Greg Illingworth         ZAF
Maxime Charveron    FRA
Tom Dugan               USA
Andres Gatica           CHL
Jose Torres               ARG
Ronnie Napolitan      USA
Chase Pauza            USA
Ever Peacock            USA
Jamie Cooper-Ellis    USA
John Wadlund           USA
Trey Jones                USA
Aaron Simone           USA
Dakota Roche           USA
Tom Van Den Bogaard  NLD
Brandon Loupos        AUS
Vans BMX Pro Cup Womens 2018 Tour Pros:
Hannah Roberts       USA
Macarena Perez       CHL
Nikki Wetzel              USA
Perris Benegas         USA
Nina Buitrago            USA
Teresa Azcoaga        ESP
Angie Marino             USA
Ellie Chew                 NZD
Jesse Gregory           USA
Dani Windhausen      USA
Vans BMX Pro Cup Huntington Beach Women’s Qualifiers & Invitees:
Charlotte Worthington GBR
Emma Finnegan         GBR
Jamie Mchenry           USA
Nikita Ducarroz           CHE
Anahi Valentina           EDU
Minato Oike                 JPN
Tania Torres Reyes    MEX
Elizaveta Posadskikh  RUS
Lara Lessmann           DEU

2018 Vans Pro Cup Hb Flyer

Vans BMX Pro Cup Series - Huntington Beach Schedule
Friday, August 3

Vans BMX Pro Cup Men’s Pro Tour

Sunday, August 5
Vans BMX Pro Cup Women’s Pro Tour


Vans BMX Pro Cup Men’s Pro Tour


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