Island Hopping with Panos Manaras

Greecing up some lesser known spots

29 Jan 2016

Panos  Manaras Barspin 2

Photos and captions by Ronny Skevis

Yesterday we released a new video with Verde's Panos Manaras and the more observant may have noticed that some of the spots were pretty out of hand. Panos was aware of some hidden treasure dotted around some of the Greek islands so with the help of filmer Anas Mansour and photographer Ronny Skevis, the crew ventured out to see if they could first of all find the spots and second get enough time to bag some clips. Here's some photos and memories from Ronny. If you missed the video make sure you get a look at that here.

Panos  Manaras Downwhip Bank

"This spot was located on private property. It was actually the parking lot of a logistics building and we were passing by because Panos wanted to go to a similar spot in a nearby building but the security wasn’t too happy about it. We saw this next spot as we were walking away and we thought it would be a better idea to ask for permission before trying to sneak in. So we went into the building and we ask the owner if we could give it a try and showed him the bank…he looks at us and he says: ARE YOU GUYS CRAZY? YOU COME HERE AND YOU ASK FOR PERMISSION? OF COURSE, DO WHATEVER YOU WANT I DON’T CARE! We ended up staying there for about two hours, we filmed, got the shots and everybody got to ride the bank… they even offered us water… win win situation!"

Panos  Manaras Portrait

"Behind Panos there is that long blue rail which has kind of a dead end on the beach about 10ft from the sea… That spot was pretty far from Athens but it was totally worth it."

Panos  Manaras Hop Over Feeble Bars

"This flat ledge is right by Red Bull’s Athens headquarters. Panos got his wings greased up after a brief meeting at the office and got out and fired this gap feeble bars out twice, once for the video and once for the photo."

Panos  Manaras Turndown

"This spot is located next to a dam. Panos wanted to ride it for a long time but never got the chance as it’s not a place where you just sneak in and ride… it has security all over and it’s not an easy task to access! We went there a couple of times but never really managed to ride it. We decided to call the municipality of the city to grant us the access and through some local friends we finally got permission to ride and film for two hours. It was quite a mission because we had to clean the place up too - a bit of teamwork and we finally nailed it!"

Panos Manaras is supported by Official DIG Partners: Verde / Vans