Productivity: Fly Bikes 2019

From Frames to Barends

15 Apr 2019

Fly Productivity Screen

Photos courtesy of Official DIG Partners: Fly Bikes

Fly Bikes always bring out some fine looking BMX-ware and their 2019 collection of frames and parts keeps that theme going. With signature frames from the likes of Devon Smillie, Courage Adams, Larry Edgar and Sergio Layos and a list of parts to deck out every area of your bike, Fly have you covered...

Aire Frame

  • 1 Aire Flatred
  • 2 Aire Flatred
  • 3 Aire Flatred
  • 4 Aire Flatred
  • 5 Aire Flatred
  • 6 Aire Flatred
  • 7 Aire Flatred
  • 8 Aire Sparkleblack

of 8

Larry Edgar's signature model with a slightly relaxed head tube angle, longer rear end for transition riding is ready to hit the skies! For 2019 Aire frame comes with an additional 21.8” version. All while maintaining the amazing features, strength and reliability you’ve come to expect of anything Larry rides. The 2019 Aire frame comes in an eye catching at Flat Metallic Red, and Black with Gold Sparkle.


Head Tube: 74.5º

Seat Tube: 71º

Rear End: 13.8"

Standover: 9.25"

Bottom Bracket Height: 11.50"

Top Tube: 21" / 21.3"/21.8"

Head Tube Height: 113 mm / 4.45"

Brake System: M8 / Seatstays

Weight 21": 2.370g / 5.22lb


Savanna Frame

  • 1 Savanna Flatgrey
  • 2 Savanna Flatgrey
  • 3 Savanna Flatgrey
  • 4 Savanna Flatgrey
  • 5 Savanna Flatgrey
  • 6 Savanna Glossblack

of 6

Courage Adams' signature Savanna line is staying true to its roots by carrying over into 2019 with all the same geometry, spec’s and features, but in a couple of very nice new color options; Flat Dark Grey and and Gloss Black.


Head Tube: 75.5º

Seat Tube: 71º

Rear End: 13"

Standover: 9.25"

Bottom Bracket Height: 11.75"

Top Tube: 20.7" / 21"

Head Tube Height: 113 mm / 4.45"

Brake System: Brakeless

Weight 20.7" / 21": 2.330g / 5.13lb


Sierra Frame

  • 1 Sierra Flatgrey
  • 2 Sierra Flatgrey
  • 3 Sierra Flatgrey
  • 4 Sierra Flatgrey
  • 5 Sierra Flatgrey
  • 6 Sierra Flatblack

of 6

Making a few small refinements for 2019, Sergio Layos’ signature Sierra frame now comes with a slightly mellower 74.5 degree head tube angle, a lower 11.5” bottom bracket height and an additional 21.3” top tube length option, all while keeping the original features you’ve come to love of Sergio’s frames. Coming in a sleek at metallic grey color, as well as the classic Flat Black.


Top Tube: 20.8" / 21" Brakeless / 21.3"

Head Tube: 74.5º

Seat Tube: 71º

Rear End: 13.6"

Standover: 8.75"

Bottom Bracket Height: 11.5"

Head Tube Length: 113 mm / 4.45"

Brake System: EBS / Chainstays

Weight 21" / 21.3": 2.200 kg / 4.85 lb


Sierra Bars

  • 1 Sierra Bars

of 1

Although there are only two tubes and it is simple in design, the look and feel of a handlebar can really make all the difference to your bike. Nothing is worse than bars with a bad box shape. Much like his riding, Sergio Layos' new signature Sierra bars are as smooth and good looking as they come, and come packed with as much tech as a bar can get, including multi-butted tubing, aggressive clamp area knurling, user friendly cut lines, an amazing overall feel and eye catching colors that we’re sure you’ll be stoked get your hands on a pair. Sergio´s choice combination of 8.5” / 28.5” / 2º/ 12º.


Tubing Material: 4130 CrMo / Seamless / Post-Weld Heat Treatment

Tubing Thickness: Multi-Butted Technology

Rise: 8.5" / 9"

Width: 28.5"

Backsweep: 12º

Upsweep: 2º

Weight: 727 g / 1.6 lb


Fuego Frame

  • 1 Fuego Flatgreen 0
  • 2 Fuego Flatgreen 1
  • 3 Fuego Flatgreen 2
  • 4 Fuego Flatgreen 3
  • 5 Fuego Flatgreen 4
  • 6 Fuego Flatblack

of 6

For 2019, Devon Smillie didn't want to change up any geometry on his signature Fuego frame, so you can still find a 75.5-degree head tube angle, 71-degree seat tube angle, 11.75" bottom bracket height, 9.25" standover height and a 12.8" chainstay length, and great features like internal and external gussets, multi-butted and tapered tubing, an Investment Cast seat post clamp with the Horizontal Cut System, removable Dylan style brake mounts and Investment Cast Dropouts with integrated chain tensioners! This frame is built for the streets and with it's geometry and strength!


Top Tube: 20.7" / 21"

Head Tube: 75.5º

Seat Tube: 71º

Rear End: 12.8"

Standover: 9.25"

Bottom Bracket Height: 11.75"

Head Tube Height: 113 mm / 4.45"

Brake System: M8 / Seatstays

Weight 20.7" / 21": 2.330 kg / 5.13 lb


Fuego 4 Piece Bars

  • 1 Fuego 4 P Bars

of 1

With the old-school throwback styling of a curved crossbar, narrower stem area for better knee clearance and overall strength, the all-new 4-piece Fuego bars perform as amazing as they look. Coming in both 9” and 9.5” rise versions along with Devon’s preferred upsweep and backsweep.



Tubing Material: 4130 CrMo / Seamless / Post-Weld Heat Treatment

Tubing Thickness: Multi-Butted Technology

Rise: 9" / 9.5"

Width: 29"

Backsweep: 10º

Upsweep: 3º

Weight: 727 g / 1.6 lb


Manual CNC Brake

  • 1 Manual Cnc Brake
  • 2 Manual Cnc Springhanger
  • 3 Manual Cnc Classic
  • 4 Manual Cnc Drawing

of 4

There is no better time than the 20th Flybikes anniversary to bring back the very popular Flybikes CNC brake back to life, now packed some new improvements. The refined and updated brake has a throwback look like our classic CNC version but now with the Springhanger technology option, too. Yes, one brake that works with two different bridge cable systems; the Classic system and the Springhanger brake system. The arms are built to be stiffer and to accept up to 2.50” tires giving you plenty of clearance. The Classic version also comes with thicker brass bushings for longer life and features the AKO “Allen Key Only" spring plates and adjustable A-hanger. The Springhanger option comes with an upgraded spring with a flat shape on the straight part for a stiffer performance and an anti-wobble adjustment that eliminates brake-wobble. We are so hyped to have come out with the smoothest, most responsive and best performing Flybikes brake to date.



Forged & full CNC / 6061-T6 Aluminum

Compatible with classic springs system and Springhanger system

Brake Pads : SPS (Simple Pad Sytem)

Anti-wobble adjusters for Springhanger version

Tire clearance: 2.50

Colors: Flat black or Fog titanium

Weight: 147 g /5.2 oz


Manual CNC Brake Lever

  • 1 Manual Cnc Lever
  • 2 Manual Cnc Lever

of 2

The Manual CNC lever comes with improved machined details and smoother edges on some critical areas without compromising the CNC look. The 2019 version comes with the super smooth and strong IGUS bushings that not only reduces the wobble, but totally eliminates it! The best performing Flybikes lever to date.



Forged & full CNC / 6061-T6 Aluminum

IGUS Polymer aboids wobble

Colors: Flat black or Fog titanium

Weight: 65 g / 2.3 oz


Volcano Barends

  • Volcano Barends 1
  • Volcano Barends 2

of 2

Built around a 6061 T6 aluminum core, and with a replaceable nylon- fiberglass blend sleeve, the bar ends takes a serious beating and comes back for more. Comes complete with a replacement sleeve set.



Body Material: CNC Machined / 6061-T6 Aluminum

Sleeve Material: Nylon / Fiberglass

Outside diameter: 30 mm

Length: 7mm

Colors: Flat black or Fog titanium

Weight: 344g / 12.1 oz


Volcano ST Stem

  • Volcano St 1
  • Volcano St 2
  • Volcano St 3

of 3

The brand new Volcano ST stem comes with a shorter 48mm reach and a taller, more street friendly 35mm rise, to make your ride not only ultra responsive, but also amazing looking too.



Body Material: CNC Machined / 6061-T6 Aluminum

Bolts Material: 4130 CrMo / Heat Treated

Rise: 35 mm

Reach: 48 mm

Width: 50 mm

Colors: Flat black or Fog titanium

Weight: 366 g / 12.9 oz


Tractor TT Sprocket

  • Tractor Tt Sprocket 1
  • Tractor Tt Sprocket 2
  • Tractor Tt Sprocket 3

of 3

The new Tractor TT sprocket is a refined version of the original Tractor. And with Ruben, Sergio and Larry’s input, now coming in larger 29, 30 and 32 tooth sizes, to help you get that extra burst of speed when you need it.

Adaptors for 19, 22 and 24 mm spindles included



Material: CNC Machined / 6061-T6 Aluminum

Colors: Flat black or Fog titanium

Weight 29T: 108 g / 3.8 oz

Weight 30T: 115 g / 4.0 oz

Weight 32T: 123g / 4.3 oz


Savanna Seat

  • Savanna Seat All 1
  • Savanna Seat All 2
  • Savanna Seat All 3

of 3

Along with Courage’s signature Savanna frame, Courage now has a signature Savanna seat, with a refined shape, hidden bumpers, a very durable cover, and all the performance that you’d come to expect from Courage and his riding.



Foam Size: 235 mm Long I 140 mm Wide

Foam Thickness: 25 mm

Black Cover Material: PU I 100% Synthetic Leather and Vinyl

Brown Cover Material: PU I 100% Synthetic Leather

Weight: 283 g / 9.9 oz 


Fuego 18" Tire

  • Fuego1822 Tire 1
  • Fuego1822 Tire 2
  • Fuego1822 Tire 3

of 3

The 18” version of the Devon’s signature Fuego tire. Featuring the "HPPR" layer technology, a pinch resistant layer and the sidewall protection line like its larger 20” brother. This tire will take everything the little shredders out there can throw at it.



Material: 60TPI Construction

Max Pressure: 65PSI

Size: 2.20"

Colors: Black or Dark Green / Black sidewall

Weight Black: 485 g / 17.1 oz


Ruben 16" Tire

  • Ruben1622 Tire 1
  • Ruben1622 Tire 2
  • Ruben1622 Tire 3
  • Ruben1622 Tire 4

of 4

With generations of BMX that have grown up watching this legend ride, we knew parents would be excited on a smaller tire for their kids bikes. So, for 2019, Flybikes introduce the 16” signature Ruben Rampera tire, featuring all the styling and technology of the 20” version. "HPPR" layer, the pinch resistant layer along with its tried and true tread pattern.



Material: 60 TPI Construction

Max Pressure: 65 PSI

Sizes: 2.0

Weight 410 g / 14.4 oz 


Dark Green Colorway - Devon Smillie Signature

Dark Green Colorway

Available in: Fuego Frame / Fuego Tire 20” / Fuego Tire 18” / Devon Grips

Fog Titanium - Devon Smillie Signature

Fogtitanium Colorway 1

Available in: Lunar rim / Piramide Rim / Tripod post / Tractor Sprocket / Tractor TT Sprocket / Tractor XL Sprocket / Volcano  Barends / Volcano TT Stem / Volcano TL Stem / Volcano ST Stem / Manual CNC Lever / Manual CNC Brake.



Five Influential Video Parts with Chase DeHart

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