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Volume Limited edition Pool Shark Splatter

25 Aug 2016

Jason Enns Dig Setups Wallride Devin Feil

Tunnel carve to wallride. Jason originally did this to 180 for his Volume 'The Finer Things' section and we went back a few months later for the photo. Photo: Devin Feil

Photos by Brian Castillo / Additional Photos by Devin Feil

Volume has just released a special limited edition colorway with their longtime rider and pool aficionado Jason Enns.  The latest incarnation of Jason's signature Cerberus frame comes in a striking gloss black with small yellow and cyan splatters aptly dubbed the "Pool Shark Splatter".  Very few have been produced so if you'd like to add one to the collection make sure to locate one quickly.  Enjoy a look at Jason's own build and find out what's new with our favorite Canadian in California...

Enns Bike

Frame: Volume Cerberus 21"

Forks: Volume Broc Raiford Captain fork

Bars: Demolition Rig Bar 9"

Grips: Volume VLM

Stem: Volume top load

Headset: Demolition

Seat/post: Demolition tripod with black old VLM sample seat

Cranks: Demolition Revolt

Bottom Bracket: 19mm Demolition

Chain: Shadow Interlock Supreme

Pedals: Trooper Plastic Demolition

Sprocket: 25t Mugatu Demolition

Front wheel: Demolition Ghost hub laced to Zero rim 36h

Back wheel: Demolition 9t Rolls hub laced to Zero rim 36h

Tires: Volume Vader 2.4" front and rear

Enns Bike Side Front
Enns Grips
Enns Bike Top Front

How did you arrive at the color choice for the limited “Pool Shark Splatter” edition Cerberus?

Not really any particular reason other than I thought it looked cool. A little bit different but still subtle.

Any mods to current setup? 

Everything is bone stock.

Top 5 pool riders of all time?

1. Gary Young
2. Chase Hawk
3. Mike Escamilla
4. Chad Osburn and Van Homan
5. Solely based on the few clips in Velvet Taxi I'd have to put Jay Miron on the list.

If you could pick any 5 guys to ride a pool with this weekend who would they be?
Brian Terada, Andrew Lazaruk, Mike Escamilla, Van Homan, Dean Dickenson, Drew Hosselton, Brian Blyther, and the High Desert crew Johnny and Dallas.

Enns Spine Whip Fish Castillo
Enns W Frame Castillo

If you could bring one pool back that’s been filled in or destroyed, which one and why?

I don't know the name but I always saw that big wide open one covered in graffiti. Think it's down near Mexico somewhere, saw dudes blasting the love seat, always wanted to ride that one. Also that black pool in Studio City that Rooftop and a couple other dudes had clips from way back in the day, that one looked unreal. I really want to ride them all good or bad hahaha.

What items are on the pool mission checklist?
Buckets, shovel, push broom, brick rub, wax, extra pair of shoes, change of clothes and after learning the hard way too many times, lots of hand sanitizer.

Weirdest thing you’ve stumbled across searching?
Probably a little backyard DIY meth lab. Sex toys always give me a laugh too, funny to picture how they ended up there.

Enns Bike Crank
Enns Back Wheel
Enns Bike Front
Enns Vlm Seat
Enns Front Wheel

Any upcoming video projects to look forward to?
I'm working on a little frame promo with Mastroni right now, should be done and out soonish.

Has there been any talk of continuing Pools Gold?
I heard a little bit of talk and a couple different ideas but nothing solid, I'd love to see it happen!

How often do you get tipped off to new pools by people on social media?
It's actually been a real good resource. Got a pretty good network now of dudes that like to trade or pass on any tips they hear.

Plans for the remainder of 2016?
More of the same, hopefully get out on another trip or 2 before the end of the year.

Jason Enns Dig Setups Corner Wall Devin Feil

Getting to the second wallride wasn't a problem, but figuring out the spring and perfect spot to hit it took some trial and error. Another unseen shot from Jason's 'The Finer Things' DVD section.

Jason Enns is supported by Official DIG Partners: Volume | Demolition

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28 Aug 2015