The Ron Wilkerson Podcast

Re-up of The first ever Snakebite Pod

16 Jun 2017

Wilkerson Podcast Screen

By Shad Johnson/Snakebite

In order to update our DIG X Snakebite podcast series we thought it would make sense to upload Shad Jonhson's first ever podcast which was originally released just prior to the start of our collaboration early in 2015. This one is with the one and only Ron Wilkerson, who is quite possibly the 'punkest' guy in BMX, and someone whose influence runs a lot deeper than you may think. This is someone who continually rebels against the norm, always does things on his terms, and most importantly, sticks to his guns and acts like the true DIY pioneer that he is... not just using DIY culture as a fake marketing tool. Here's what Shad said right after they met for the pod way back when.

"Bruce Crisman called me and said Ron Wilkerson was in town and I should come over and do a podcast. That was enough for me! I cruised over and we crammed into a room and just talked. Bruce and I talked to Ron about a bunch of things. Hot topics were why he changed the name Wilkerson Airlines to 2-Hip, how the 2-Hip team got kicked off of the Warped tour, the real origin of the abubaca and numerous stories about the 2-Hip van and Kevin Martin blowing up engines!" - Shad Johnson podcast produced in collaboration with:


The Ron Wilkerson Podcast


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