Vans BMX Pro Cup Stuttgart 2019 - Everything you need to know & Final Results

Blasting on some fresh German concrete

14 Jun 2019

2019 Vans Pro Cup Germany Podium Photos by ROB DOLECKI

The VANS BMX PRO CUP has returned for another year of bowl blasting and worldwide style appreciation and this weekend the second stop goes to Stuttgart, Germany at the newly poured Waiblingen BMX Park. Stay connected here and via the DIG INSTAGRAM for everything that goes down over the weekend via the respective lenses of Peter Adam and Rob Dolecki.

Stuttgart, Germany – June 14-16th

Mexico City, Mexico – August 16-18th

Huntington Beach, USA - September 13-15th (World Championships)




1.Jason Watts                         AUS

2. Sergio Layos                        ESP 

3. Larry Edgar                         USA

4. Corey Walsh                        CAN

5. Dennis Enarson                    USA

6. Matty Cranmer                    USA

7. Kevin Peraza                       USA

8. Alex Hiam                           AUS

9. Jose Torres Gil                    ARG

10. Josh Dove                          AUS

11. Boyd Hilder                       AUS

12. Sem Kok                             NDL

13. Rim Nakamura                   JPN

14. Chris James                       AUS

 BEST TRICK: Kevin Peraza


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Corey Walsh Germany 2019 Rob Dolecki 058

Corey Walsh

Vans Stuttgart Winners 2019 Women


1. Perris Benegas 

2. Macarena Perez 

3. Teresa Azcoaga 

4. Natalya Diehm 

5. Angie Marino 

6. Jennifer Wohlrab 

7. Lotta Gruber 

Women's High Air: Teresa Azcoaga

Cauan Madaona Winner Of The German Regional Qualifier Van Bmx Pro Cup 2019

Cauan Madaona, Winner of the German Regional Qualifier.

Men's Semi-Final Results

1.Larry Edgar
2. Corey Walsh
3. Sergio Layos
4. Kevin Peraza
5. Dennis Enarson
6. Alex Hiam
7. Jason Watts
8. Jose Torres Gil
9. Josh Dove
10. Matty Cranmer
11. Chris James
12. Boyd Hilder
13. Rim Nakamura
14. Sem Kok
15. Matt Cordova
16. Kris Fox
17. Cauan Madona
18. Gary Young
19. Paul Thoelen
20. Tom Van Den Bogard
21. Clint Reynolds
22. Maxime Bringer
23. Par Casey
24. Jayden Mucha
25. Alejandro Pitu Ibarra

Men's High Air: Alejandro Vela

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Vans BMX Pro Cup Series - Stuttgart Schedule

Friday, June 14

Men’s Regional Qualifiers (Open Registration)  

Saturday, June 15

Men’s Semi-Finals – Tour Invites and Regional Advancers Only

Sunday, April 16

Women’s Prelims, Semi-Final, Finals (Open Registration)

Men’s Finals + Best Trick

Athlete Registration:

2019 Vans Pro Cup Germany Flyer

"The Vans BMX Pro Cup series continues on its exciting 2019 world tour, showcasing the most talented names in BMX as they battle it out for top rankings in the race to the world championships. Landing in Stuttgart, Germany for the first time ever in the series’ history, the Vans BMX Pro Cup will be hosted at the brand new, immaculate Waiblingen BMX Park. Built for BMX riding, the Waiblingen BMX Park features smooth, flowy transitions all around with a max bowl depth of nearly three meters, creating potential for fun, fast, and combination-friendly lines throughout the course. Further, the installation of custom course features at key spots, exclusively for the BMX Pro Cup event, will open up even more lines, transfers and general doors for competitors to utilize the course to its max potential. 
The highly-anticipated Germany stop expects a hungry and diverse field of European talent, broadening the potential for new names and faces to emerge in both the men and women’s divisions. Series stars such as local Europeans Sergio Layos and Teresa Azcoaga from Spain, winners of the first stop, remain in good standings, while conversely defending world champion Larry Edgar will look to earn his way back up to the top after unexpectedly finishing in 6th in Australia. The crowd can also expect to see breakout performances by Canadian Corey Walsh and Australian Chris James, who have proven their place in the big leagues by placing 2nd and 3rd at the Sydney event." -

Vans BMX Pro Cup 2019 Current Rankings

MEN’S DIVISION – Top 10 Rankings Advancing from Sydney
1. Sergio Layos                    ESP   
2. Chris James                     AUS
3. Corey Walsh                     CAN
4. Jason Watts                      AUS
5. Gary Young                      USA
6. Larry Edgar                       USA
7. Dennis Enarson               USA
8. Brandon Loupos              AUS
9. Boyd Hilder                       AUS
10. Josh Dove                       AUS
WOMEN’S DIVISION – Top 5 Rankings Advancing from Sydney
1. Teresa Azcoaga               ESP
2. Natalya Diehm                 AUS
3. Angie Marino                    USA
4. Nina Buitrago                   USA
5. Denise Cropper                AUS

Waiblingen Bmx Park Stuttgart Germany

Waiblingen Bmx Park Stuttgart Germany - That fresh concrete calm before the storm.

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