2018 Austin Trails 12
14 Jun 2018

Eastside: Where the Jumps are Sick and the Locals Rip

Brian Barnhart captures that unique Austin roast...

Words and Photos: Brian Barnhart

Eastside has become quite legendary in our humble niche of BMX trail riding and building. The jumps are sick, the locals rip, and the place attracts badasses from around the country, and the world. Returning as a visitor in 2018 to a scene that I was briefly a part of felt really awesome. The place has a draw that can not be denied, and although the jumps are some of the best I’ve ever ridden, it’s really the people that make Austin and Eastside such special places. Each local brings something unique to the scene, and although I wasn’t able to capture them all for this gallery, they are all burned into my memory as riders and individuals.

Like all trails, Eastside is ever evolving, with people coming and going and lines impacted by weather and schedules. I know there is at least one individual that all the locals miss. Trying my best to embrace the present experiences with the people that were there, I was smiling for two weeks straight. We had plenty of unforgettable sessions during my visit, and when I wasn’t catching laps with everyone, I was doing my best to capture the roast.   

2018 Austin Trails 01

In my opinion, watching Matty Aquizap ride Speedball is one of the greatest things to experience right now in BMX. Table, Speedball hip.

2018 Austin Trails 17

Ryan Greene with a table on the Yolo hip.

2018 Austin Trails 04

Cody Martz, tabletop in the trees on QB Sneak.

2018 Austin Trails 05

Ashley Charles making the most of this jump at the bottom of the line.

2018 Austin Trails 02

Ever Peacock represents a young generation of shredders, a refreshing site in the woods. Here he boosts an extended one-footed table on QB Sneak.

2018 Austin Trails 07

Marky Tomasic has been spending the season in Austin, escaping the PA winter and doing turndowns like this one on QB.

2018 Austin Trails 10

You can see an undeniable influence in Ever Peacock’s riding coming from Clint Reynolds and Chris Hallman; not a bad combo. Huge kickout on QB

2018 Austin Trails 13

Tomas Kudrnac from Czech Republic was visiting for the week, bought a new Credence from Empire and killed the trails with moves like this one footed x-up on Mainline.

2018 Austin Trails 09

Matty Aquizap ripping a table on the Speedball hip.

2018 Austin Trails 03

Ashley Charles has embedded himself in the Austin scene over the last few years and gotten quite comfy flowing Eastside and Speedball.

2018 Austin Trails 11

I like this one because of Cody’s facial expression, he made it just fine.

2018 Austin Trails 14

Mark “Le Beast” Hall is always bringing the stoke. Table on the Speedball hip.

2018 Austin Trails 06

Chase Hawk came out for a session after some heckling from Lil Jon. Tabletop on Mainline.

2018 Austin Trails 15

Ryan Greene casually jumping the huge step-down on QB sneak

2018 Austin Trails 19

Marky Tomasic floating a one-footed table on the Speedball hip.

2018 Austin Trails 18

Tomas Kudrnac with a lookback on the Speedball hip.

2018 Austin Trails 16

Ashley Charles, ManualMike, and Cody Martz taking breather between laps.

2018 Austin Trails 08

Ashley Charles with another angle on the straight jump, max hang time.


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