Snapshots - Dodge Fools 2017

Another epic road trip across the beautiful landscape of Argentina

18 May 2017

Words and Photos by Agus Glauber

Agus Glauber and company are back for "Dodge Fools" round two, another epic road trip across over 4,000 kilometers of beautiful landscape in Argentina.  Between the classic car, raw environments, and film aesthetic this adventure has a truly timeless feel to it.

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"As with the previous trip, there could have been more planifications and also
less expectations but that 'freestyle' touch makes one truly enjoy the
journey aside from the everyday A to B routine. We rode never ridden before
terrains, visited flooded spooky towns and marvelous bay area villages,
found ramps in places were skates or bikes were not even a thing and swam
in the most pristine waters you could imagine.

Shoutouts to Roma for driving 4200km once a year and to the Dodge Coronado
for holding it down!" - Agus Glauber