2018 POSH Woods High Air Jam - In Photos

Fully roasted and properly served...

5 Sep 2018

Words and Photos by Rob Dolecki

It's been quite the rainy summer in the Northeastern U.S. So much consistent daily rain, in fact, that Posh Woods in Bethlehem hasn't seen much action the past few months, a time where dusty lips and crumbling landings due to drought conditions would not be abnormal. In fact, the July 4th weekend jam was the only day so far this year where pretty much all runs were open for business. 

Despite all the soaked clay, and even with having to shift the now annual High Air comp/ jam a day later due to yet another day of inclement weather, most runs were running surprisingly well. Everything seemed to be at that sweet spot of being a little bit slow, where if you haven't ridden the jumps in a while, you can think a little less about potentially overshooting landings, and more about getting your flow on.

The following are sixteen images from a really awesome and fun day with old and new friends. Even Sal, AKA Brad Pitt, AKA rhythm creator, made an appearance. All hail the end of summer, and celebrate the start of the best time of the year in this region. Trails season is upon us...

Minimal Mischief

28 Aug 2015

Shovel Work

1 Sep 2014