2018 Vans BMX Pro Cup Mexico - In Photos

A concrete park that's not to be taken lightly...

31 Aug 2018

Photos by Rob Dolecki

2017 was when many riders got their introduction to the vast bowls of Montenegro Skatepark in Guadalajara, Mexico at last year's Vans BMX Pro Cup stop. And it's not a concrete park to be taken lightly. Steep, tall, varying transition characteristics all throughout- smoothly linking up the bowls in a lap is a feat in itself.

But when some of the world's best bowl riders show up for the challenge, you know it's gonna be poppin'. The Vans BMX Pro Cup Series kicked off in Sydney Australia and moved onto the regional qualifiers at WoodWard East, then a few weeks prior on the sands of Huntington Beach, California. For the second year, Jason Watts laid down untouchable runs that focused more on balancing on his front wheel than both; congrats Jason!

Check out more on what went down HERE on DIG and check out www.vansbmxprocup.com for info and stats on all the past, present and future Pro Cup events!