Dillon Lloyed - WTP "Buck" Video Bike Check

Dill gives a rundown of his WTP/Eclat bike

3 Jan 2018

Video by RideBMX

Dillon Lloyd sits down in California and gives a rundown of his 2018 Wethepeople bike, with signature Buck frame, Buck bars, and Dill Pickle pegs, rounded out out with a mix of Eclat and WTP parts.

Frame: Dillon’s Signature WeThePeople “BUCK” frame, 21″

Fork: Éclat “Storm”

Bars: WTP “BUCK”

Stem: Éclat “Onyx”

Seat: WeThePeople Tripod Fat seat

Cranks: WeThePeople “Legacy” 165mm

Sprocket: Éclat “AK Guard”

Front Tire: Éclat “Mirage”

Front Wheel: Éclat “Cortex” hub and “Polar” rim

Rear Tire: Éclat “Mirage”

Rear Wheel: Éclat “Cortex” freecoaster on “Bondi V2” rim

Pedals: Éclat “Slash”

Pegs: WTP “Dill Pickle” Pegs

Grips: Éclat “Pulsar”

Dillon Lloyd is supported by Official DIG Partners: WETHEPEOPLE | ECLAT | VANS