First Look: Dillon Lloyd's WTP Buck Line

Get a lil' buck

30 Mar 2015


Photos by Scott Marceau

While on a train speeding from Munich to Vienna last summer, Wethepeople's latest team member, Dillon Lloyd was asked the question that any rider would be honoured to hear; "Want to work on a signature line?" Soon after Dillon and WTP's Dave Paterson were sat down together throwing ideas back and forth - some rough sketches and bottles of Helles later and The BUCK frame and bar were decided upon. If you've seen Dillon ride before I'm sure you'll agree that the name is fitting to say the least. We caught up with Dillon to find out some more.


So you just received your signature frame and bar from Wethepeople. How long has that been in the works for?

Pretty much the moment I got on WTP we started throwing ideas around and started to design it.

Who did you work with when it came to designing your signature frame? How much input did you have on the design?

Dave Paterson was the man when it came down to working with me on the design, showing me what was possible and making sure I got exactly what I wanted on a frame. It was so crazy being on WTP for not even a month and then going straight on a trip to Munich and Vienna with Dave and we talked about the frame and how we would go about designing it. As for the design process, I'm really happy how it went and happy I got to design it pretty much exactly how I wanted it. Trying to figure out and pick everything how you want it is so hard but we got it done in the end. Shout out to all the guys at WTP for making this happen.

What Makes the Buck frame special?

Definitely having a solid strong stiff frame is an important thing for me considering I like to do big stuff here and there. It's got a bit of a longer back end at 13.5" because I just find it handles better when doing big or fast stuff. It's got a higher BB so it makes it good for all kinds of grinds especially crooks I find. The head tube height is also 10mm taller so you don't have to run any spacers under your stem, which looks cleaner for me. Oh and its got some mean thick solid looking dropouts which I love.


What about the Buck bar?

The bar is a little taller than what I've been riding and it feels great. It also features little cut lines at the end of the bar to help you cut them straight which helps a lot when you tend to cut your bars crooked. I guess the coolest thing about the bars is that they will be available in the new 25.4mm clamping size, which will be available on WTP this year. The part of the bar that gets clamped by the stem is bigger making them much harder to slip, so perfect for big drops and for when things get a little rough. I'm running the 22.2mm version now but can't wait to try the 25.4mm version real soon.

Tell us a bit about the name. How did you come up with calling it the "Buck"?

It took a long time to figure out the name. But basically it's called Buck because I like to get a lil' Buck sometimes haha!

When will the Buck frame and bar be available?

I believe around September it will be dropping.

Do you have anything else in the works with Wethepeople?

I have a signature plastic peg in the works, which will also be out later this year. Other than that, there are some big trips planned for this year, which are going to be insane. I'm looking forward to the future.

Now that you're going to be permanently based in California what do you have planned for the upcoming year?

Just continue what I love to do and have fun.


Bike check

Frame: WTP Buck 21"

Fork: Eclat Stevie Fork 26mm

Bar: WTP Buck 9.15"

Stem: Eclat Burns

Headset: Eclat Cargo

Grips: Cult Vans

Seat: Northern Embassy

Post: WTP

Cranks: Eclat Onyx 24mm, 170mm

Sprocket: Eclat Vent Guard 25t

BB: Eclat 24mm Mid

Pedal: Eclat Slash

Chain: Eclat Stroke halflink

Front Wheel: Eclat Dynamic hub, Eclat Mercury Rim

Rear Wheel: WTP Helix freecoaster, Eclat Polar straight rim

Tires: Eclat Fireball, 2.40" front and 2.30" rear


Buck Frame Spec

Top tube lengths: 20.75", 21" and 21.3"

Standover height: 9.125"

Head tube angle: 75.5 degrees

Seat tube angle: 71 degrees

Bottom bracket: 11.8"

Chainstay length: 13.5" (centered) or 13.35" (slammed)

Butted Japanese seamless 4130 chromoly tubing

Extra thick 7mm full invest cast dropouts

Taller 127mm head tube

Removable brake hardware and gyro mounts

Top and down tube gussets

Extra large tire clearance for 2.40" tires

Dent resistant oval chainstays


Buck Bar Spec

Rise: 9.15"

Width: 29"

Up sweep: 1 degree

Back sweep: 11 degrees

19mm crosstube

Cutting guides on the end of the bar

Full liquid post heat-treated 4130 "M2" crmo

7/8" multiple butted tubing