IN THE CUT - 2019 High Air BMX Jam at POSH Woods

Legendary Trails, Legendary riders

2 Sep 2019

Video & photos by ROB DOLECKI

Upon reaching an epic milestone of 25 years, Jay Lonergan and the Posh crew went big for the annual High Air Jam. lips were wrapped in gift paper, jumps were roasted to new heights, old friends were reunited, and new friends were made. Here's a glimpse in to such an awesome day. Shout-out to Posh for all the perseverance, longevity, and influence it's had on the the trails community for over two decades.

Shout-out to jam sponsors: Fit Bike Co, S&M, Empire BMX, TRA, Axlerad, Odyssey, Mutiny, Powers Bike shop, S-one, Deluxe.

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