Weird & Revered DVD - Cary Lorenz

T-1 Barcode and some classic style

10 Jun 2020

Video By: Weird & Revered Crew

“Cary is an old soul with a young body. If for some reason you were blind to his physical appearance, but were able to see his possessions, observe his mannerisms, and hear his conversations, you’d think he’s middle-aged. Cary likes structure and order; he lives in the kitchen and loves to bake bread; he routinely re-watches old Props videos and Seinfield episodes; he regularly attends ‘country night’ once a week at a local bar; he enjoys bike packing, fly fishing, and backcountry camping; he also occasionally—and passionately—rides BMX (atop a Terrible One Barcode I may add). Of all the people with sections in the DVD, Cary came out riding and filming the least. I should mention we lived together during this time too. You may not see Cary out riding on the regular, but when you do, you can expect his old soul to shine through. As the cliché goes, his riding will ‘age like a fine wine.’ We’re happy to finally have it documented for years to come.”

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