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Livin' the Boy Scout motto of "Be Prepared"...

6 Jan 2017

Kachinsky Car Trunk Check 12

Words and Photos by Rob Dolecki

Brian Kachinsky’s 2008 Honda Civic has seen quite a few miles in recent years. During that time, in between the countless loading and unloading of his two-wheeled whip during riding missions, BK has accumulated a number of random items in the back of his car along side his bike. It turns out there are some funny and interesting stories behind them too; check out why there's a baseball, foam roller, and four steel pegs rolling around his Civic's trunk.
Kachinsky Car Trunk Check 10

1: Random tools for spot prep: Brick rub, hand broom, hammer, bondo, trowel and even a spatula I took from my mom’s kitchen when I didn’t have a trowel on hand. Spot prep isn’t always needed, but it’s nice to have the option of making something happen if necessary.

Kachinsky Car Trunk Check 09

2: Wax: Wax, always plenty of wax. I recently bought a four pound brick of Gulf wax and it came in these huge bars. Needless to say I’m good on wax for a while now. 

Kachinsky Car Trunk Check 11

3: Eight pegs: I always have eight pegs on me at all times. Four steel, four plastic. Use the right tool for the right job.

Kachinsky Car Trunk Check 08

4: Foam roller: This is my saving grace. Every morning I roll and stretch on this thing, and in five minutes I feel like a new man ready to tackle (almost) any rail  in front of me ….or at least get the day off to a pain -free start. I usually use this rolling multiple times a day. I get funny looks from people while doing it but damn, it helps.

Kachinsky Car Trunk Check 07

5: Extra pedals (and tubes): You never know when a pedal or a tube is gonna see it’s last session, so it’s always nice to have some on deck. Even if they’re used but not finished, keep em’ around! You’ll never know when someone might need one and that keeps the session going instead having to search for the local bike shop mid-session. 

Kachinsky Car Trunk Check 03

6: Mueller First Aid Kit: Mueller is the best. They hooked me up with a few of these first aid kits which are packed with bandages, sanitary wipes, creams, gauze and many other things that come in handy when you slam.

Kachinsky Car Trunk Check 02

7: Dad-cam and tripod: Dad-cam always comes through in a clutch, second angle, third angle…whatever. my trusty dad-cam has seen a lot of action over the years and keeps on tickin'. Tripod was a thrift store find back in 2010 and it’s still killin' it.

Kachinsky Car Trunk Check 05

8: Ice scraper: Harsh winters demand having an ice scrapper on deck. I’ve also used to to scrape dirt out of runways and remove wax when there's a bit too much caked on. The bristles on it can clean a runway with many swipes as well. 

Kachinsky Car Trunk Check 06

9: LED work lights: These things are sick. Bright, silent, affordable, long lasting, durable, etc. I get about three hours with the lights on High before changing the batteries. I have an extra set of batteries as well, so in a backpack I can hold two lights that last for six-plus hours. Probably one of the best purchases I’ve made in a bit.

Kachinsky Car Trunk Check 01

10: Baseball: Years back I was asked to throw out the first pitch at a Major League baseball game. I hadn’t thrown a ball in many years so I went to the store and brought a little league ball. I didn’t realize it was a little league ball until it was too late. Needless to stay the little leagues got me ready for the majors. The pitch was a success. Definitely a childhood dream come true with that one. I keep the ball in my car only because I keep forgetting to take it out.

Kachinsky Car Trunk Check 04

11: Extra pair of shoes: I always like to have a back-up pair of kicks in the car in case something happens. Every once in a while, if the shoes had been in there a while, I give them to someone my size. The latest recipient of my extra shoes was George Duran. He slapped on my Vans and immediately did an ice to bar down a rail in the freezing wind. Magical shoes? Maybe magical George? probably. 

Kachinsky Car Check Mug

One or more of BK's car items may have been used in the preparation for his peg contact with this rail.

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