Productivity: Fly Bikes 2018

New Signature Lines and More

12 Dec 2017

Fly Productivity

Images courtesy of Flybikes

We've nearly reached the close of this year and Flybikes have been real busy making sure their line of products is updated, improved and freshened up for 2018. We take a look at the all new Larry Edgar and Courage Adams signature frames, Devon Smillie's fifth incarnation of his Fuego frame, Sergio's Sierra line of parts and the all new Volcano stem.

'AIRE' Larry Edgar Signature Frame

Aire Frame Geometry

"Introducing the “Aire”, the Larry Edgar signature model, with a slightly relaxed head-tube angle, longer rear-end, all aimed more toward transition riding, personalized gussets, original CNC stay-bridges, stylized head-tube and bottom-bracket shapes, a new seat-post clamp and coming in two amazing color options, good old black, along with an eye popping metallic purple. This thing is ready to hit the skies!" MORE INFO

  • Aire Frame Flatblack 1 B
  • Aire Frame Flatblack2
  • Aire Frame Flatblack3
  • Aire Frame Flatblack4
  • Aire Frame Flatblack5
  • Aire Frame Flatblack6
  • Aire Frame Metallicpurple 1 B
  • Aire Frame Metallicpurple2
  • Aire Frame Metallicpurple3
  • Aire Frame Metallicpurple4
  • Aire Frame Metallicpurple5
  • Aire Frame Metallicpurple6

of 12

Tubing: Japanese Seamless 4130 Cr-Mo

Head-tube and Bottom-bracket: CNC machined 4130 Cr-Mo heat-treated

Seat-clamp and Dropouts: Invest-casting 4130 Cr-Mo heat-treated

Stay-bridges and Gussets: Laser-cut 4130 Cr-Mo heat-treated

- Head-tube: 74.5º

- Seat-tube: 71º

- Rear-end: 13.8"

- Stand-over: 9.25"

- BB height: 11.50"

- Top-tube: 21" / 21.3"

- Head-tube height: 113mm. / 4.45"

- Brake System: M8 Dylan-mounts / Seat-stays

- Weight: 2.370g / 5.22lb

'SAVANNA' Courage Adams Signature Frame

Savanna Frame Geometry

"As with everything we do here at Flybikes, we look to our team for inspiration and direction. Courage has caught a lot of people’s attention recently, so although he loved his Geo colorway, and with some new and very specific needs in mind, for 2018, we’re introducing the “Savanna” line, the Courage Adams signature frame and bars. With traditional street-style geometry, Courage’s brand new CNC plate bridges, new seat-post clamp design, brakeless and coming in a traditional flat black, along with a stunning pearl white, the “Savanna” is one hell of an eye catching functional street machine!" MORE INFO

  • Savanna Frame Flatblack 1 B
  • Savanna Frame Flatblack2
  • Savanna Frame Flatblack3
  • Savanna Frame Flatblack4
  • Savanna Frame Flatblack5
  • Savanna Frame Flatblack6
  • Savanna Frame Flatblack7
  • Savanna Frame Pearlwhite 1 B
  • Savanna Frame Pearlwhite 2
  • Savanna Frame Pearlwhite 3
  • Savanna Frame Pearlwhite 4
  • Savanna Frame Pearlwhite 5
  • Savanna Frame Pearlwhite 6
  • Savanna Frame Pearlwhite 7

of 14

Tubing: Japanese Seamless 4130 Cr-Mo

Head-tube and Bottom-bracket: CNC machined 4130 Cr-Mo heat-treated

Seat-clamp and Dropouts: Invest casting 4130 Cr-Mo heat-treated

Stay-bridges and Gussets: Laser cut 4130 Cr-Mo heat-treated

- Head tube: 75.5º

- Seat-tube: 71º

- Rear-end: 13"

- Stand-over: 9.25"

- BB height: 11.75"

- Top-tube: 20.7" / 21"

- Head-tube height: 113mm. / 4.45"

- Brake system: Brakeless

- Weight: 2.330g / 5.13lb

'SAVANNA' Courage Adams Signature Bars

Savanna Bars Geometry

"Progression is the name of the game in street riding, and at the pace that things are going, and the attention Courage is getting lately, we didn’t want to get left behind. So, for 2018, we’re proud to introduce the “Savanna”, Courage Adams signature handlebars. Featuring multi butting, aggressive stem knurling, and unlike our other bar models, the “Savanna” bars, while still having the very popular and convenient cut lines, come pre-cut to Courage’s exact specifications …. And we think you’ll like them." MORE INFO

Savanna Bars Flatblackb

- Rise: 9" / 9.5"

- Width: 28"

- Back-sweep: 10º

- Up-sweep:

- Weight: 796 g / 1.75 lb

'FUEGO' V5 Devon Smillie Signature Frame

Fuego Frame Geometry

"Devon Smillie’s “Fuego” frame, now in its 5th incarnation, comes packed with even more tech and functional upgrades to meet and even surpassing the demands of modern day street riding." 

- Shorter rear-end 

- Through dropout chain tensioners

- New seat-clamp

- Refined bridge and gussets


  • Fuego Frame Flatblack 1 B
  • Fuego Frame Flatblack 2
  • Fuego Frame Flatblack 3
  • Fuego Frame Flatblack 4
  • Fuego Frame Flatblack 5
  • Fuego Frame Flatblack 6
  • Fuego Frame Transgold 1 B
  • Fuego Frame Transgold 2
  • Fuego Frame Transgold 3
  • Fuego Frame Transgold 4
  • Fuego Frame Transgold 5
  • Fuego Frame Transgold 6
  • Fuego Frame Transgold 7
  • Fuego Frame Transgold 8

of 14

Tubing: Japanese Seamless 4130 Cr-Mo

Head-tube and Bottom-bracket: CNC machined 4130 Cr-Mo heat-treated

Seat-clamp and Dropouts: Invest-casting 4130 Cr-Mo heat-treated

Gussets: Laser-cut 4130 Cr-Mo heat-treated

Stays-bridges: Invest casting 4130 Cr-Mo heat-treated

- Head-tube: 75.5º

- Seat-tube: 71º

- Rear-end: 12.8”

- Stand-over: 9.25”

- BB height: 11.75”

- Top-tube: 20.5” / 21”

- Head-tube height: 113mm. / 4.45"

- Brake System: M8 Dylan-mounts / Seat-stays

- Weight: 2.330g / 5.13lb.

'SIERRA' Sergio Layos Signature Frame

Sierra Frame Geometry Copy

"Replacing the Trueno and built for his type of riding style specifically, the brand new Sergio Layos signature “Sierra” frame, from the ground up is built for speed and style, with classic looks, common sense features and the latest technologies that includes the convenient EBS brake mounts, now mounted back on the chain-stays for increased braking power, cleaner looks and to please the fans. An all new drop-out with through design chain-tensioners, an all new seat-post clamp, internal and an external gusset, along with a longer rear end and super clean lines, all add up to one sleek looking, high flying machine." MORE INFO 

  • Sierra Frame Flatblack 1 B
  • Sierra Frame Flatblack 2
  • Sierra Frame Flatblack 3
  • Sierra Frame Flatblack 4
  • Sierra Frame Flatblack 5
  • Sierra Frame Transcopper 1
  • Sierra Frame Transcopper 2
  • Sierra Frame Transcopper 3
  • Sierra Frame Transcopper 4
  • Sierra Frame Transcopper 5

of 10

Tubing: Japanese Seamless 4130 Cr-Mo

Head-tube and Bottom-bracket: CNC machined 4130 Cr-Mo heat-treated

Seat-clamp and Dropouts: Invest-casting 4130 Cr-Mo heat-treated

Stays-bridges and Down-tube Gusset: Laser cut 4130 Cr-Mo heat-treated

- Head-tube: 75º

- Seat-tube: 71º

- Rear-end: 13.6”

- Stand-over: 8.75”

- BB height: 11.75”

- Top-tube: 20.6” / 21”

- Head-tube height: 113mm. / 4.45"

- Brake System: “EBS” Easy Brake System / Chain-stays

- Weight: 2.200g. / 4.85 lb.

'SIERRA' Sergio Layos Signature Bars

Sierra Bars Geometry

"Although only two tubes and simple in design, the look and feel of a handlebar can really make all the difference to your bike, nothings worse than bars with a bad box shape or wrong angles. Fortunately, and much like his riding, Sergio’s new signature “Sierra” bar is as smooth and good looking as his riding, and come packed with as much tech as a bar can get, including multi butted tubing, aggressive clamp area knurling, user friendly cut lines and an amazing overall feel, coming in an eye catching flat black color that we’re sure you’ll be stoked get your hands." MORE INFO


- Rise: 8.5” / 9”

- Width: 28.5”

- Back-sweep: 12º

- Up-sweep:

- Weight: 727 g. / 1.6 lb.

'SIERRA' Sergio Layos Tripod Seat

Sierra Seat Geometry Copy

"Sergio is very specific about his bike, unlike some other guys the smallest details are really important to him, everything has to be tight, no rattles and especially how his bike look’s. One of the key parts that he’s super particular about has always been his seat, the look, the angle and especially the overall design. So, for 2018 we gave Sergio the opportunity to design his own, with a refined slim foam shape and clean look we bring you the Sergio Layos “Sierra” signature seat, that functions as amazingly as it looks." MORE INFO

  • Sierra Seat All
  • Sierra Seat Black
  • Sierra Seat Brown

of 3


Illustration Volcanott Stem

"Out with the old and in with the new, as the saying goes, and with the popularity of the Volcano stem, we’re replacing the Alta and Roey stems with the new “Volcano TT” stem, a slimmer, lighter and more refined version of its big brother, with the popular anti slip grooves, same clean design and overall refined look, but now aimed more toward transition and ramp style riders to help shed a little weight and blast a little higher." MORE INFO

- Rise: 25mm

- Reach: 50mm

- Weight: 286 g / 10 oz

  • Volcanott Stem All
  • Volcanott Stem Black
  • Volcanott Stem Darkgold B
  • Volcanott Stem Spacegrey

of 4

Dark Grey Colorway

Dark Grey Colorway 1

"When it comes to colors we have our staples, the blacks etc, but colors are the one thing that never stop, there’s always new trends, colors our team are into or colors our fans request, and for this season, we heard you loud and clear!

By popular demand we’re introducing the very stylish and timeless grey colorway line of products, featuring the Fuego tire, Fuego grips, and Ruben pedals. This color will accent any other color combo amazingly!" MORE INFO

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