Setups: Rob Harris

Fresh recruit to Cult in the UK

18 May 2016

Rob Harris Setups Cult Mug Nw

Photos by Nick Wotton Intro by Devin Feil

When we introduced Rob Harris to the world a few months ago via our Youth Of Today interview, I knew it was just a matter of time before a brand took notice of his talents, and sure enough he caught Robbie's attention at Cult. With his laid back riding style he's an ideal match for the brand, and here we have a chance to take a look at his freshly built setup and find out what he's been up to...

Rob Harris Setups 1 Cult Nw

Frame: Cult Hawk 20.75”

Forks: Cult Sect

Bars: Cult Hawk 8.8”

Grips: Cult AK

Stem: Cult Mind Control

Headset: Cult

Seat: Cult AK

Cranks: Cult Hawk

Bottom Bracket: Primo

Chain: some old half link

Pedals: Cult Dak

Sprocket: Cult OS guard sprocket

Front wheel: Cinema

Back wheel: Primo

Tires: Cult Dehart

Rob Harris Setups Cult Wall Ice

What have you been up to since your Youth of Today interview?

Trying to avoid the UK winter and ride as much as possible.

How did the Cult hookup come about?

That was just after the Youth of Today video. I’m pretty sure Nick Wotton was talking to Robbie about it at first, but I didn’t think anything would come of it until I got the call from Scott at Crucial and yeah obviously I was down!

Favorite part of your current bike?

I don’t really have a single favourite part but I guess it would be the tyres if anything? Best tyres for running low pressure without getting punctures

Mods to current setup?

I always cut my bars to about 27.25”

Rob Harris Setups Cult 4 Nw
Rob Harris Setups Cult 3 Nw
Rob Harris Setups Cult 2 Nw

Have you been working on any new videos?

Yeah I’ve been slowly working on a Cult web video with Cam Wheeler, I’m off to Barca next week for 10 days so that should be finished up pretty soon.

Plans for the rest of 2016?

I want to get another dvd project going with all my friends, will have to go on a few trips for that. Me and Jordan Godwin have been meaning to go stay in Liverpool for a while too, so hopefully get on that soon. I think Scott over at Crucial has got big plans for a dvd this year so I want to get involved with that for sure.

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