Reynolds Bmx Etnies T1 Ramp Austin 2
7 Sep 2016

Last Days Of The T-1 Ramp Part 5: Clint Reynolds

Clint reflects on his time riding the wooden paradise of Deah...

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Words and photos by Rob Dolecki

A lot has changed for Clint Reynolds since the days he first showed up at T-1 riding a titanium Credence frame and Comp III tires, and was still figuring out how to air a quarter. Credence has become a legit subsidiary of S&M, and tire models named after the lines he rides daily at East Side are a reality. Clint’s ability and appreciation for roasting wooden transitions has elevated to stratospheric heights, mostly thanks to all time spent in the backyard near 6th and Chicon. We caught up with Clint during the etnies "Chapters" filming week at the T-1 ramp and got some insight into his time spent riding there. And don’t forget to check out Joe Rich/ Ryan Corrigan, Chase Hawk, Ruben Alcantara and Garrett Byrnes’ interviews too.

Reynolds Bmx Etnies T1 Ramp Austin 1

This was one of Clint's favorite pieces of T-1 ramp, and he always turned up the roast level a few notches when hitting this beauty.

"Joe was blasting like 40 feet in the air and I was all intimidated."

-Clint Reynolds

When was the first time you rode the ramp?

It was like 2005. Probably riding a titanium frame and Comp III tires. I didn’t even know how to ride a quarter pipe. Joe (Rich) was blasting like 40 feet in the air and I was all intimidated. I remember being so excited to ride.

What are some of your best memories riding there?

Hanging out with the boys and getting some awesome sessions. We had a pretty awesome schedule- go swimming, hit T-1, then go to the trails. Joe setting he pace out there. Riding with Matty and Nutter, and just feeding off each other.

What is the craziest session you remember?

There’s been a handful where the crew is so tight and really natural, good tunes on, and filming anything is not even a concern. I remember trying to hit ten feet with Matty on the big quarter. Usually we would end up blowing up or casing, but it was fun to push each other.

What was the worst case you had there?

I had one good sprocket-case trying to alley-oop air on the regular half.

Reynolds Bmx Etnies T1 Ramp Austin 5

The stoke level was always rising as the sun got low. That's quite a deck of heavy-hitters.

"I don’t think I’ve ever walked away not stoked."

-Clint Reynolds

What was your favorite piece of the ramp?

The 9 foot, or hip out of the mini next to the spine; you can go as fast as you can and pull up. Everything is kind of like wooden trails; it evolves like that.

How do you compare it to East Side trails?

Different, but awesome. I don’t think I’ve ever walked away not stoked. The energy there is really good; and it’s such a fun ramp. 

What’s the one thing that you’ve taken away from riding there over the years?

Probably a new appreciation for quarter pipes. Riding there all the time has given me some confidence to hit a quarter. You’re always trying to find new lines, and it kind of opens my eyes. It feels like a cement park, but made out of wood.

Reynolds Bmx Etnies T1 Ramp Austin 4

How regularly did you ride the ramp?

I hadn’t been there that often recently. But usually two or three times a week.

Did you have a tendency to ride it more when East Side wasn’t running?

When the groove wasn’t there, the boys would be trying to feed the beast. If it rained, and we’d work on the trails for a while, then end the day at T-1.

What does the T-1 ramp mean to you?

It’s a special little spot just to share a good time with my friends.

Reynolds Bmx Etnies T1 Ramp Austin 3

Clint getting approximately two Manzooris high, with no sprocket case necessary.

"It’s a special little spot just to share a good time with my friends."

-Clint Reynolds

How will the Austin scene be affected when it’s gone?

I feel the Austin scene is losing the cherry on top. Every visitor, and there’s a lot, would go to T-1.

It was a main Austin BMX landmark.

 I remember before I first came here, I was in high school I was in the computer room looking on the T-1 site and you’d see pictures of the ramp. It was just a half pipe then and I’d be dreaming of riding it. It’s kind of funny.

What is Austin going to be like in the future now that the ramp is gone?

I feel like it’s definitely going to be different. But it had a good run. I’m going to miss it for sure. It’s such a special thing. It’s going to be heavy on Joe. I’ve been savoring the days riding. It also feels good that we didn’t waste it. That thing got shredded so hard. It’s the sickest backyard ramp of all-time.

Reynolds Bmx Etnies T1 Ramp Austin 6

This is wild. Clint taking pocket airs in the over-vert corner to a new level of leg-buzzing trickery.

"It’s the sickest backyard ramp of all-time."

-Clint Reynolds