Five Years later, and more awesome than ever...

30 Sep 2019

Flimed by Rob Dolecki

In 2014, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania O.G. Mike Gentilcore made a dream of his a reality. It was a DIY event that blended a mix of BMX racing and real trails, racers and trail riders alike riding together. Basically it was two riders at a time head-to-head down a legit trails course, with the winners of each moto moving on to the next round. Following the race, a dirt jump comp went down (with many of the same dudes who were also in the race), taking place on the same course, which was held in his backyard trails/track paradise. No bikes that included clipless pedals and carbon-fiber materials were involved. And it was awesome. (Check out a photo gallery HERE and edit HERE).

Following that event, Mike battled issues with neighbors and the township for holding it on his property, and the Double Cross went into a multi-year hibernation. (TRA was still involved helping out with the Posh and Catty jams during this time). Yet Mike had a dream to continue on and keep the spirit of the MX in BMX alive and well.

Five years later, Mike has done it again. More riders (50 total), an additional class for 26-inch bikes, and another dirt jumping comp that took place over the whole course. You had dudes like Clint Reynolds making dive bomb moves in turns during the race, as well as flowing through the rhythm with that Reynolds style during the jump comp. Everyone had big smiles from ear to ear, both on the bikes and on the sidelines. Gentilcore and TRA are changing BMX racing that we know this day and age to something way more entertaining; the following In The Cut vid is a glimpse into the day.