Simone Barraco - Simo Line

Latest moves from Simone to promote his whole new line

8 May 2019

Filmed and edited by Ryan Chadwick

Simone is back with a short but bangin' mix to promote his whole new 'Simo Line'. As you'd expect Simone comes in with some technical wildness that most of us couldn't comprehend. It's safe to say we all wish we could ride like Simone!

"New Simone footage is great, but when it's to promote a whole line of new signature Subrosa products it's even better! Check out Simone's latest moves from his current residence in Barcelona, and check out his new Subrosa "Simo" Frame, Forks, and Bars available worldwide at Subrosa dealers now!" - Subrosa

Subrosa is an official DIG partner.