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29 May 2020

Secret Interviewer Grey

Words & Video selection By Kerr Bilsland | Videos via Joel Moody/Empire BMX, Thiabut Grevet, Dave Sowerby/BSD Forever, John Thompson and James Cox/4Down.

It's been a tough ride lately and if you're anything like DIG's Glasgow based KG jam organiser, all-round good guy and non stop BMX video consumer, you'll have have found yourself flying solo at home and looking back at some golden oldies; especially with all that extra time we've had lately. We figured we'd share some of his favourite moments to give you something more to ponder and gaze into the past with. We'll have more selections to follow but if you think we're missing a trick and have missed some classics that you've been watching, then free to add your choices below.

Empire BMX - Chill Bro

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VIDEO VAULT: Empire BMX - Chill Bro!

"That was a bad idea" - More Info

I was actually watching Empire's 'Chill Bro' last night and man what an absolute beast this video is. Back in the day this was one of two DVD's I'd alternately watch before I went to High School in the morning. It kind of came at a pinnacle point too where we had finally left mid-school behind and "new-school" was upon us. Aaron Ross was just starting to flirt with the funny coloured bikes and was doing absurd tailwhip variations. Chase Hawk had such a raw energy to his riding you couldn't help but be enchanted by it. My personal favourite section has always been Danny Hickerson's though - he is one of my favourite riders ever so I'm heavily biased. It's really interesting to see him switch his feet around constantly, you've got to keep up and really follow his riding to understand how wild it is. Whenever I hear that Lou Reed song on the radio or in a pub I can picture what he's doing in time with the whole song - obsessive much?

PERSPECTIVE 003 - Joe Rich

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VIDEO VAULT: Perspective 003 - Joe Rich

"Never let the feeling fade and never let the rest get in the way." - More Info

The magic of Joe Rich was kind of lost on me when it came to his riding; it just wasn't my generation. But, I've become a huge fan of Joe through how insightful he is when it comes to BMX via his photography, video and written work. This short documentary has him hit the nail on the head with a few really good points. I've always enjoyed talking and listening to people who really delve into how important it is to them to be a BMX rider and how through shared experiences it can really open us up as people. These Diggest videos did an excellent job of showing how we can view BMX beyond just an inanimate object and how it's possible to still live it even if we aren't at the level we once were.

BSD Ride To Glory 2010

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VIDEO VAULT: BSD Ride To Glory 2010

When BSD became a serious contender - More Info

I still get goosebumps when I hear that Best Coast song and see that Ben Hennon deep V neck from the DVD... I always see this video as when BSD really started to become a prominent brand in the industry. I used to have to travel over an hour out of town to pick-up the Ride To Glory Issue. This issue of Ride UK was always one to look forward to, especially when you knew which riders were going to be involved - neither me or my mate had heard of BSD or Dave Sowerby before - safe to say we've been massive fans of both since. A very young Kriss Kyle takes up most of the filming for the video and man would he go on to show everyone what he was capable of. Jersey was already notorious within the UK scene at the time and has always been a rider who's moves look wild no matter how old or recently they were filmed. Grant Smith surfin' on the team van will remain a classic for some time...

Jordan Hango - Blazeguard

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VIDEO VAULT: Blazeguard - Jordan Hango

Hango kills! - More Info

I swear it took Hango years to get the recognition he deserved. He had been killing it on 1664's team for years and everyone wondered why he wasn't getting noticed. His Blazeguard part really signalled that there was something huge to be had in Hango's potential. Eventually FIT clicked and now Hango is Nora Cup's street rider of the year AND he won the X Games Real BMX contest. Talk about really surpassing expectation...

Fit UK Trippin’ Helsinki

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VIDEO VAULT: Fit UK Trippin’ Helsinki

In the summer of 2011 - More Info

With the current global circumstances this video kind of makes me sad. Not in a bad way, but it always made me crave a good road trip. When James Cox was heading up 4Down's videos they showed a real tight nit UK crew that no matter the scene would always produce a magic number. This FIT team was a staple in showing some of the best the UK had to offer - while also representing a generation of it's riders - it was a twilight era for the whole scene.