DIG's Top 10 Videos Of 2017

The Best From The World Wide Web

25 Dec 2017

Videos Of The Year

List compiled by the DIG Family

It's only when you try to come up with a list of only ten of your favorite web videos of the year do you realise that a whole shit-load of mind blowing stuff can go down in 365 days. Jump back ten years ago and this would have been quick work, not because there were less people killing it out there on bikes, you just didn't get to watch it all - I guess the Internet has its perks. In no way is this a definitive list so feel free to include your submissions in the comments below.

1. Simone Barraco DIG 2017

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Simone Barraco - DIG 2017

This is Unreal - More Info

OK, ok, we might be a little biased with this one but holy shit was this good! The levels of expectation when you're about to watch a Simone Barraco are high, but when it's shot over eight months in his home of Barcelona, you know it's going to be out of hand. Always evolving and progressing, Simone's eye for the interesting is always on overtime. Is this Italian the best there ever was at technical/creative street riding? Who knows, but we love this.

2. Nathan Williams - X Games 'Real BMX'

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Nathan Williams - X Games 'Real BMX' 2017

Seriously one banger after another - More Info

Nathan Williams added to his legacy of insane video sections with an X Games 'Real BMX' part that's seriously one banger after another. This guy never fails to surprise us. We're not worthy!

3. Dan Lacey - Beyond

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Dan Lacey - Beyond

Two And A Half Years In The Making - More Info

Back in 2014 we co-produced Above Below with Monster Energy and since then Dan Lacey has had his mind on more. 'Beyond' was the culmination of a whole ton of blood, sweat and tears, 5am clips, breaks, bad luck and more over a period of two and a half years. You've never seen Lacey clips quite this savage - MAN POSSESSED. And Rich Forne obviously put everything together beautifully.

4. Dakota Roche - CULT 'Nativeland 3'

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9 Months In The Making - More Info

This one was playing on repeat a whole lot in the DIG HQ. Dak's third and most recent NativeLand video for Cult lived up to the hype. Dak is a monster and his spot usage and selection in this is so on point. Show your friends, show your mom. 

5. Jordan Hango - FIT 2017 Fall Drop

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Fitbikeco. Jordan Hango 2017 Fall Drop

Instant classic? Hango on the loose around Vancouver - More Info

Everything about this Fall Drop from FIT's Canadian magician was great, like that opening trick... tooth to ice peg bonk on a bike rack... Any rail he touches... then the curved wall to gap curved rail pegs. Jeez... This whole thing was aces. An instant classic.

6. Rich Forne 2017

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Rich Forne 2017

He's Done It Again - More Info

One of the most exciting yet elusive riders out there doing some of the gnarliest tireslides and wallrides was back at it for 2017. It was five years since his DIG video dropped, but since then Rich has been throwing himself at shit again in between filming some of the best footage in BMX. This one for Federal was bonkers. The curved wallride knockout was all the talk that week.

7. Alex Donnachie - ASCENT

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Alex Donnachie - ASCENT

Hammer Time - More Info

Five minutes of hammers and Alex Donnachie climbs a mountain all at the same time. Rewind that shit a million times, there were just too many many NBD's. And that ender in Lyon... 

8. Odyssey VS Sunday Videos

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ODYSSEY vs SUNDAY - #VoteOdyssey

Vote to send the Odyssey team anywhere they want in the world - More Info

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ODYSSEY vs SUNDAY - #VoteSunday

Vote to send the Sunday team anywhere they want in the world - More Info

GET GARY OUT!! Despite the hilarious premise of winning a trip anywhere in the world (i.e. Another filming trip) the Odyssey VS Sunday videos were incredible. With a crew as stacked as Aaron Ross, Alec Siemon, Brett Silva, Chris Childs, Erik Elstran, Jake Seeley, Mark Burnett, Jared Duncan, Julian Arteaga, Broc Raiford, Gary Young, Justin Spriet, Matt Nordstrom, Tommy Dugan, Travis Hughes, and Jacob Cable, you sure are covered. 

9. Out Of Frame - Julian Molina

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'Out Of Frame' The Story of Julian Molina

Truly Inspirational - More Info

Ourselves and Fraser Byrne worked on this one for a while and couldn't be happier how it turned out. Colombia's Julian Molina has to be one of the most inspirational bike riders and people we have ever met. If you never caught this at the time, this is the story of Julian and his defiance to have fun on his bike and keep pushing his boundaries. Go here for the full story.

10. District Of Cinema

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District Of Cinema

Garrett Reynolds, Chad Kerley, Nathan Williams, Dakota Roche, and Corey Martinez - More Info

Cinema's Garrett Reynolds, Chad Kerley, Nathan Williams, Dakota Roche, and Corey Martinez took over Washington D.C. with this one. I mean, just look at that team! This also gave us that glorious Cheeto's shot.