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3 May 2017

Foley Setups 2017 Rd 01

Words and photos by Rob Dolecki

In December, Dan Foley made waves in the internet BMX world when it was announced that he's now riding for Cult. During his stay at Trey Jones' house for an impromptu Cult trip around the Florideah Swamp Fest weekend, we sat down with Dan and got the specs on his new whip, as well as other random tidbits. Read on for more...

Foley Setups 2017 Rd 12
Foley Setups 2017 Rd 04

Frame: Cult Hawk, 21” TT

Fork: Cult Sect

Headset: Cult

Stem: Cult Salvation V2

Bar:  Cult Hawk, 8.8" rise

Grips: Cult Ricany

Seat: Cult/ Furthercollab

Post: Cult pivotal

Cranks:Profile Column 22mm, 170mm

Sprocket: Madera Helm, 28T

BB: Profile

Pedals: Cult Dak

Chain: Cult

Front Wheel: Madera Pilot hub, Cult Match rim

Rear Wheel: Cult Match rim, Cult Match Cassette, 9T

Tires: Cult AK, 2.5"

Pegs: Cult Butter

Kicks: Vans Old Skool Pros

Foley Setups 2017 Rd 02
Foley Setups 2017 Rd 03
Foley Setups 2017 Rd 05
Foley Setups 2017 Rd 09

Favorite part:

 Frame, because it feels good. All the geometry is pretty balanced. The new trans brown color is sick; I really like it.

Oldest part:

The seat post.

Newest part:

The back wheel, because I just traded out the coaster for a cassette.

Why did you go back to a cassette?

I just missed it. A coaster was really fun; there’s definitely some stuff I like more about a coaster. But what I missed about a cassette outweighed what I like about a coaster.

Do you do any modifications to your bike?

Cut the bars to 26 ½" so they are 27" with bar ends, and cut the steerer tube on the forks so I could slam my stem down.

Foley Setups 2017 Rd 07
Foley Setups 2017 Rd 08
Foley Setups 2017 Rd 10
Foley Setups 2017 Rd 11

How did the frame sponsor change come about?

I felt Wethepeople was no longer the best fit for me. I talked to Robbie a little bit about Cult; Cult’s been my favorite brand since it’s been around. The timing was right, and everything happened to work out. If I could pick any company to ride for it would be Cult. It’s a dream come true, as cheesy as that sounds.

You spent some time in Sydney, Australia.

It was really cool, being that far away from home and the culture is really similar. The beaches were absolutely beautiful. It did rain a lot, but we got plenty of riding in and got to hang out with a bunch of cool people.

How was the Florideah Swamp Fest?

It was amazing. It brought me back to the days when there were jams going on all the time on the East Coast. I think a lot of people miss those days, including Trey, and he took the big step to put on an event himself. He handled it extremely well. I’d say it was a huge success. There was a ton of people there. I don’t think anyone had a bad time there, except for maybe the people who got broke off. Everyone loved it, I loved it, and some of the most fun dirt jumps I’ve ever ridden. I hope it happens again.

What do you think of your cameo in No Donuts?

I’m honored to make the cut in the first episode. I thought it was pretty funny. I don’t disagree with it; I’m just kind of experimenting with different video types. Some people might like it, others might hate it. I’m not the biggest fan of watching vlogs myself. I think the best part about it is someone took the time to Photoshop my face on a dude riding a bull. That’s funny to me.

Any specific plans with your Youtube channel?

I just want to keep putting out videos regularly to give myself a platform for riding and video work.  It helps me stay productive and on it with both. It keeps me pushing myself with riding, and helps me get better as a rider and a video editor. It makes sense to do; I like riding and I like making videos.

Plans for rest of 2017?

Going to the Vans contest in Spain. There’s some other talk of trips, but nothing set in stone. Hopefully just continue to progress and stay healthy.

Are you looking forward to riding Ruben’s park?

Absolutely. Ever since he put photos of it online for the first time, I’ve been wanting to go. As far as geniuses in BMX, Ruben is the dude. He embodies everything I love about BMX, and the fact that he designed the skatepark, you just know it’s going to be amazing; and getting a glimpse into Ruben’s head.

Dan is supported by Official DIG Partners: Cult | Vans

Foley Setups 2017 Rd 13

Classic move, classic park- Dan sessioning "that hip" at Kona Skatepark in Jacksonville.

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Dan Foley is supported by OFFICIAL DIG PARTNERS: CULT | VANS