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9 Nov 2016

Dugan Bmx Setups Portugal  Rd 01

Words and photos by Rob Dolecki.

Two Setups features in one year? When that happens, you know you reached a new level in Pro-dom. Since Tom Dugan's bike disappeared a few days after the first one was shot, we figured,- why not see what Dugan has changed up on his whip? Well, to be honest, it turns out not that much has changed. But we did also interrogate Dugan about his recent month-long etnies "Chapters" European trip, so please read on and see how his 2020 Olympic swimming team aspirations are progressing...

Dugan Bmx Setups Portugal  Rd 11
Dugan Bmx Setups Portugal  Rd 12
Dugan Bmx Setups Portugal  Rd 08
Dugan Bmx Setups Portugal  Rd 13

Frame: Fit Dugan 21” TT

Forks: Odyssey R32

Bars: Fit Dugan, 8.75” rise

Grips: Odyssey Dugan

Stem: Odyssey Top load Dugan

Seat/post: Odyssey Tripod post/ Odyssey Dugan seat

Dugan Bmx Setups Portugal  Rd 10
Dugan Bmx Setups Portugal  Rd 09
Dugan Bmx Setups Portugal  Rd 03
Dugan Bmx Setups Portugal  Rd 02

Cranks: Odyssey Thunderbolt 175mm LHD

Pedals: Odyssey Grandstands signature metal

Sprocket: Odyssey Fang signature 30 T

Wheels: Odssey Antigram 9T with Hazzard Lite rim

Tires: Odyssey Dugan 2.4” front, 2.25” rear

Kicks: etnies Jameson

Dugan Bmx Setups Portugal  Rd 06
Dugan Bmx Setups Portugal  Rd 05
Dugan Bmx Setups Portugal  Rd 07
Dugan Bmx Setups Portugal  Rd 04

When/ How did your last bike disappear?

It was on a Miami trip a few days after the T-1 Ramp sessions. I was taking a piss ten feet from my bike, which was 30 feet from the spot where all the homies were at. It was gone in a matter of ten seconds. Everybody had overnight-ed me new stuff by the next day.

How is this one different/ similar?

 Same thing, except the wheels. I had a freecoaster.

Are the pedals still your favorite part? 

Yeah; I like them.

Mods on this bike?

 Cut the bars down to 27”, and cut the steerer tube on the forks.

Have you gotten better at swimming? 

Yes. I also now live five feet from a pool, so I’ll be swimming every day. I got to swim in a storm the other day.

How did the contests that you went to the last few months go? 

Good. I went to Battle Of Hastings and Vans U.S. Open; they were both fun. I made finals at the U.S. Open, and got best rider and our team won at Battle Of Hastings.

How did the month-long etnies trip go? 

Fun as hell, tiring as hell.

You rode pretty much every day.

Yeah, maybe two or three days that I couldn’t.

How is your "Chapters" part wrapping up?

I think good. Every time we are with Mike (Manzoori), it’s fun as fuck.

Plans for rest of 2016?

Going on a FIT trip (to Arizona), because Tony Malouf, the new TM is trying to drop an edit out by Halloween. I’ve only been on one trip for it so far. (Ed. note: This interview was conducted before the FIT Horror Picture video release the other week, in which Tom ended up having the last part) And also try to film at home for "Chapters".   

Dugan Bmx Setups Roast Uk  Rd 14

Mr. Dugan entering his usual airspace in Bristol, UK; Larry Edgar, and Mike Manzoori's drone might have been only other visitors to that altitude here.

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