Mike Aitken - Day 9: '50/50 - That's It!' (2007)

12 Days of Aitken

22 Dec 2016

Produced by Stew Johnson / DIG X Fit Bike Co

We’re 3/4 of the way through our ‘Twelve days of Aitken,’ which is a retrospective look at Mike Aitken’s BMX career as seen through the eyes of some of those who know him best via a selection of his hugely influential video parts, and what better part to kick off Day 9 than with Mikey’s epic “That’s It!” section.

 2007’s Salt Lake City, Utah-based full-length video “That’s It!” was arguably one of the most progressive independent videos to date. And Mike’s section deservingly took the closing honors. The riding in this section is the epitome of his matured style and progression. Newly brakeless in many clips, he utterly lays waste of the SLC area streets, Beringer’s ramp, and Tanner trails.  So many classic clips documented on his home turf; and as Shawn “Elf” Walters says, this is easily one of, if not the, best part Mike has made.  -RD